Bunny (age 6) wanted to enter the Travel Supermarket competition “Kids Capture The Colour”. This is a photography competition where she has to take a photo to represent each of the five colours – Blue, Green, Yellow, White & Red. They are to be judged by Five brilliant photography bloggers and Travel Supermarket.

The problem is… we don’t currently have a camera and Jonny accidentally broke my phone. So… poor Bunny has had to take these pictures on my rubbish old battered phone – which has no flash and only takes pictures if you stand 100% still. Regardless of the poor quality, she wanted to enter and I love that she wanted to. She’s a big fan of my blog and often stands in our living room shouting “you can find me at crazywithtwins.COM” (she shouts the dot com for emphasis).

So here’s her entry – she wanted to capture a bit of late summer and the things she likes, with her pics.

shoes Her baby sister attempting to walk in her tiny blue shoes

Nala Nala – her beloved pet cat has striking eyes, one blue and one green. The green one is more of an olive green in comparison with the garden setting, which captures the weeds grass too.

SunflowerBunny grew this sunflower from seed. She planted it in May and has waited so patiently for it to grow (we’ve never had any luck with sunflowers before) – it finally flowered last week and she was so proud!

White…PantsWhile in the garden, she thought it would be HILARIOUS to photograph our pants on the washing line. I personally think the size difference between hers and Jonny pants is the funny part, but she insists that pants are funny. She also had to stand on a chair to get the lighting right, as from her angle, against the sun, everything else looked grey!

Red…SpadeSadly we’ve not been able to get to the beach much this year, but Bunny loves the beach and she often plays with her spade in the garden, so she thought this would make a good red photo.

So there we go – shoes, one eye, a flower, pants and a spade – a random collection in words, but in photos, they capture the colours, the late summer and my daughters sense of creativity.

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