A few years ago, I lost one of my best friends to a man. Not a very nice man, but she loved him and he relentlessly tore at our friendship until it was no more. We didn't fall out, but I quietly left her life and got on with mine.

So a few weeks ago (four years since we last spoke), when I found out that she and he were no more, I sent her a message; just saying that I hoped she was okay. I didn't know if she'd reply, or even if she'd want to hear from me, but it turned out, she did. And when I saw her last week, it was as though said man, had never come between us. It was as though we hadn't been apart for four years.

Of course a lot has happened in that time. She's moved house, changed jobs and become a stronger woman. I've got married, had more children and started a blog. But instantly, I could tell her anything, and we could laugh and joke just as before. I am really glad to have her back in my life.

It reminded me of this:

"Relationships come and go, but friends last a lifetime" - author unknown

Or as another friend put it "Bros before Hoes" (although I'm not sure that works as a phrase for women???)

Even if we lose sight of our friends sometimes, perhaps the good ones aren't really as far away as we think?

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