My top 5 things to do on a Friday night (when the kids are in bed!)

October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized by Emma Day

So what does this mummy blogger do on a Friday night? …

I’m still a spring chicken (27) so I’m not averse to clubbing til 5am, however, my body cannot cope with alcohol anymore, so sober clubbing is a better option for me! I love dancing and chatting with my friends, with a hub of people socialising and some banging tunes booming out around me. I love it. I used to love working in nightclubs too! As I’m a licensee, I often have the perk of not needing to pay to get into clubs either! However, despite my youthful age, I rarely go out. I’ve turned into a bit of a homebird – not in the domestic sense – more in the – wanting-to-be-near-my-hubs-and-kids sense.

Online Games
I’m not averse to a bit of online poker (for fun, not money) – although it’s quite addictive and hard to stop at bedtime! You’re not about to find me building a farm on Facebook or anything, but stick the old school Theme Hospital on and you wont see me for a good few hours! I like a bit of a gamble too (only a pound here and there on an infrequent basis). The horses is one of my favourites, but that’s no surprise as I live in a racing town and used to work at racecourses across the South West.

I like going out to play Bingo too and Bingo is actually good fun (may I remind you I’m 27, not 77), I used to play Bingo a lot when I was pregnant with the twins. I like the adrenaline rush when you’ve only got one number to go! Bingo online is just as exciting, but from the comfort of your own home! I’m yet to play bingo games at but it’s on my to-do list, when I catch up with all my blog posts!

Who doesn’t like a good bubble bath, with a glass of wine, candles, music, a face pack and a good book? Again, it’s something I don’t do very often, but is a lovely treat when I do. It’s even better if Hubs runs the bath for me, and I find it really relaxing if he dries my hair for me after! If you’ve not tried that – do. It’s very sweet and makes for good husband/wife bonding! Reminds me of the day after our wedding, when we had a couples massage, and both nearly fell asleep on the table!

Date Nights and Dinner Parties
If you’ve got a man (or woman), have a date night at home – whoever usually does the cooking, has a night off, while the other prepares a three course meal. Put the kids to bed early, turn off the tv, put on some music, light some candles and have a quiet intimate dinner together. I think it’s spending quality time together like this, that cements a marriage.

Sometimes we have dinner parties too – a fun thing to do whether you have a partner or not. Invite friends for dinner, tell them to bring beer (or wine) and dessert! When all the food is eaten and the banter running out – get them all on the Wii! Just Dance is one of our faves. We often get the loser of each rounding drinking a forfeit shot!

Movie time
As fun as all that sounds, the thing I most often do of a Friday evening, is blog a bit, work a bit, watch a bit of tele, read a book and watch a movie with the man (sometimes with the sprog too!). Despite the fact our bedroom tele is really small, sometimes it’s nice, just for a change of scenery, to watch a movie in bed. Saying this… most of the time when we choose that option, we are asleep within an hour! Exciting couple aren’t we!


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