This week I wrote a short piece (called "Finding Light") for a friend I have met through the blog world. A beautiful soul who has had the most tragic of years. Jennie who blogs at Edspire. She asked me to send her some of my positivity, as she is struggling with double grief. I'm not going to go into her story, as you can read that, written far more eloquently, on her own blog.

How do you send positivity? Well, I have a few ideas, which I plan to put together this week.

I have another friend who is struggling too, after miscarriage, when nobody knew she was pregnant. She is battling this quietly, so I won't mention her name, but she knows who she is, and I am sending both her and Jennie, big hugs and hope they can take some positivity in knowing I am thinking of them both.

For now though, I have written this. I hope that it shows there is hope, even when you can't see it or feel it. You need to keep faith, that it is there.

Finding Light

I cannot make the sun shine,
to light your darkest days.
But through the dull skies,
the cold rain;
somewhere in the world -
there is a colourful rainbow of hope.


I cannot clear the clouds,
when all you want is some clarity.
But through the black nothingness,
the painful silence;
somewhere behind that fog -
there are bright beautiful stars of faith.


© Emma Day 23/10/2013



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