I wanted to go to the Mumsnet blog conference known as BlogFest this year, but I resigned myself to the fact I wouldn’t be able to go, as I just didn’t have the funds. So I was really surprised, when out of the blue, came a sponsorship offer!

Thanks to Coca Cola, I’m now getting really excited about travelling to London on the 8th November, staying in a funky hotel and having breakfast with their director of science in the morning, before heading over to BlogFest!

It’s going to be a busy weekend, as before I leave on Friday, I am going to my friend G’s graduation ceremony. I met G when I worked in a nightclub called Dakota, in Cheltenham many years back and we’ve been good friends ever since. G is Sicilian, so English is not his first language; and for that reason, he has had to work extra hard to get a degree in an English University. I’m very proud of G and looking forward to being his guest at his graduation!

I will be going straight from the ceremony, to jump on a train to London for BlogFest. 

I’m finding it very hard to decide which sessions to go to as they are covering everything from advanced social media, to image editing and making money. I’d love to hear the talks by Mummy Barrow (who gives THE greatest hugs in the world) and the legendary Mammasaurus, but really I need to choose my sessions by what I most need to learn, rather than who is talking! I think I’m going to end up tossing a coin!

I am also really looking forward to breakfast, tea break, lunch, afternoon break and the post conference drinks reception! Why? Because I LOVE food and I LOVE drinks (both non alcoholic and alcoholic variety) and I LOVE chatting with other bloggers.

Straight after that, I’m back on the train, to a party in Bristol!

All in all, I’m excited that it’s going to be a pretty fun event. At the same time I am (as always), in true mummy-blogger style, feeling anxious about leaving my babies at home. Jonny will have them all to himself for the weekend, so you can expect more daddyhood tales over on his blog!

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