The Feminism outrage at MumsNet BlogFest 2013

November 9, 2013 in Blogging, Family, Humour, Parenting, Uncategorized, Women, Working parent by Emma Day


Not something I ever thought I’d blog about!


A number of reasons, ranging from:
1) “It’s 2013 – surely gender stereotypes are dead?”
2) Lack of interest – I’m better suited to campaigning about Cancer issues.
3) I like Jam and high heels (…stay with me… all will become clear…).


Today, at the Mumsnet Blogfest, the topic of feminism has taken me from total disinterest, to pure outrage, to laughing and taking the Michael. So here I am… blogging about Feminism..

The topic… “Can you be a feminist AND a mummy blogger?”

This session was approached with great scepticism from (I think) the majority of bloggers, before any panellists had even opened their mouths.

I’ll give you a clue… a speaker, standing up in front of 330 mums who all write blogs, telling them that they cannot be feminist, as they write “mummy blogs” – was not wise.

Definitions of feminism seemed to be varied and skewed, from those who (like me) believe in equal rights and freedom of choice, to those who seemed to think women are superior to men.

The biggest jokes were when we were told that feminists do not make Jam or wear high heels. To add to the hilarity, many of us had a jar of jam in our BlogFest goody bags. So tweets have mockingly gone from “Feminists don’t make Jam”, to “Women don’t like jam”, to my rather confused tweet – as I got Marmalade!

In fact the speakers who opened this gargantuan can of proverbial worms, inadvertently had an even bigger can of whoopass fired back at them. Outrage fully tore up the auditorium when one speaker proclaimed that if she hadn’t finished her degree, she’d have been a bad mother. That was the cue for all mothers without degrees to object fiercely and the debate heated up a few hundred degrees.

By the time the speaker had got to her comment of “being a mum isn’t everything”, the crowd had fully launched into shouting (one at a time) their strongly opposing opinions, experiences and emotional tales. This was the one that angered me the most. I HAVE a degree. I have great achievements in my life. I have hobbies, interests, I’m starting my own business, but BEING A MUM IS EVERYTHING. It is the be all and end all of my life. My three children are my entire world, and if I had to sacrifice all the things I’ve achieved in my life, to be their mum – I’d do it in a heartbeat.

In my relationship, Hubs and I treat each other equally. We both work. We both care for our children. We both do housework. We both write blogs. We have different hobbies and we have similar hobbies. There is not just equality in our marriage, but team work too.

I write a mummy blog (that I’m hugely proud of) – this here one you are reading now. I’m never going to label myself as a feminist. I can live with or without jam. I love my trainers, equally as much as my stilettos. I mostly believe in equality, except when it comes to heavy lifting – or taking the bins out… those are a mans job! πŸ˜‰