Last weekend, I travelled to Reading for the Matilda Mae Welly Walk and Fun Day, organised by Jennie (Edspire Blog) to raise money for The Lullaby Trust, in memory of her beautiful daughter Tilda. #MMwellywalk (122) I went with my friend Sophie (known to the kids as Auntie Sophie) and my three gorgeous children. In my photos, Sophie is the stunning lady in the red coat! #MMwellywalk (125)Unfortunately, due to myself and Tiny being unwell in the morning, amongst other things, we were unable to get there until 1:30. We missed the Welly Walk, but I’m still glad we went. Sophie (whom is also the twins Godmother) drove us there and it was lovely to get outdoors with the children and experience a bit of autumnal nature. I don’t get out much when the weather is cold, as I am a lover of all things warm! This was a sunny day, and for a British November, the temperature was fairly mild. Everything looked beautiful.#MMwellywalk (52) #MMwellywalk (25)

It wasn’t until about 3pm that we noticed the giant paddling pool and play park, just the other side of the lake. Then the memories came flooding back. There was a park I have always fondly remembered since my childhood. My Grandparents used to take me there when I was very small. I remember this huge outdoor swimming pool (remember – I was little!) and enormous play park. I remember I loved going there in the summer, it was so much fun and a beautiful place too. I knew it was somewhere near Reading, but I didn’t quite know where. My mum didn’t know either, because I’m not sure if she came with us, and my childhood definition of huge swimming pool and her grownup definition of paddling pool, may have hindered my descriptive clarity. But the second I saw that paddling pool, I knew. It was Beale Park and I was here now, looking at the paddling pool and being transported back to my childhood. For a moment, it felt like only yesterday I was playing in that water myself.#MMwellywalk (27) It was lovely to see Bunny get excited about the same park. #MMwellywalk (47) #MMwellywalk (26) #MMwellywalk (50)

The whole day had been planned out beautifully. We were greeted with a hug from Jennie, tea and coffee, water and juice cartons, a pack of nappies and a hot crepe, despite being so late.

We sat in the story tent and listened to a lovely story about the tooth fairy, told enthusiastically by it’s talented author.#MMwellywalk (1) #MMwellywalk (12) #MMwellywalk (18) #MMwellywalk (4)

We went for a ride on the train, which Tiny and Fluffy absolutely loved!#MMwellywalk (69) #MMwellywalk (65) #MMwellywalk (73)

I took some photo’s from the train, as there were lots of animals to see too. Unfortunately they didn’t come out very well, due to fences in the way. I did get a lovely photo of this little guy though…#MMwellywalk (60)

Bunny and I had a go at Welly Wanging – I wasn’t very good. I think I got about 14 metres with one welly, and 9 metres with the other. Bunny got 4 metres with hers.#MMwellywalk (32) #MMwellywalk (39) #MMwellywalk (41) #MMwellywalk (44)

Bunny had her face painted too.#MMwellywalk (106)

Even the car park was beautiful.#MMwellywalk (112) #MMwellywalk (113) #MMwellywalk (117) #MMwellywalk (118)

I’ve written some accidental prose, as a result of the inspiration of that day:

It was a lovely day,
A breath of fresh air.
Pink and Purple balloons,
Tilda stars,
Mellow music.
A sense of community,
Respect and kindness.
Sadness, yet doing good
For the Lullaby trust.
Families bonding,
Bloggers supporting,
Children laughing,
My twins and hers too.
A hundred shoulders for Jennie ,
Should she need us,
We are here.
We were there.
It was picturesque,
A tribute
It was for Matilda Mae.

 #MMwellywalk (79)

#MMwellywalk (24) #MMwellywalk (57)

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  1. BakedPotatoMummy says:

    Lovely post. How great that that it turned out this was somewhere you’d come as a child. I’m glad you had a great time.
    The only negative is that there are some seriously unflattering photos of me here! That super-tight Welly Walk t-shirt will stay with me forever! 😉 xx
    BakedPotatoMummy recently posted..The Last BottleMy Profile

  2. Aida says:

    what a gorgeous place and beautiful words. I remember a water park we used to go to as a kid, where they had this “giant slide”; it was weird going back there once I was about 20 and find that my favourite ride in the whole park was in fact a very average slide, if not a very small one. The world through the eyes of a child 🙂
    Aida recently posted..Meal Planning Monday (11.11.2013)My Profile

  3. Coombe Mill - Fiona says:

    What a brilliant venue for such a great charity, I’m sure Jennie appreciated all the support she received from the blogging community. How great to re-visit a wonderful childhood memory and have your own children to make new ones. Thanks for linking up and sharing some lovely photos and words with Country Kids.
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted..Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

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