I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

It’s been a tough year and it’s not over yet. This year has taught us, more than ever, how important it is to treasure every second spent together as a family. Jonny and I are busy and ambitious people, with many interests, but we are at our happiest, snuggled up at home with our children.

Tomorrow, I will be going for more internal radiotherapy, which will again mean, I can’t go near my husband or children (or any other human being) for a few days, as I will be radioactive. So we thought it was important to have a family night on Sunday night.Asda

I started Sunday afternoon off, with some fresh air and exercise. I walked with the children (Bunny on her scooter) to our local Asda to get some supplies. image

Many of you will know, that I’m currently on a pre-treatment, low iodine diet, which means I can’t eat much at the moment. I didn’t want this to spoil our night in.

We stopped for a replenishing coca cola in Asda’s café, and Bunny had a pick n mix lunch, while the twins… had a nap!Asda childrens lunch box Asda pick n mix lunch Coca Cola

For Jonny and the children we bought party food – cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, pork pies, savoury eggs, spring rolls and pringles. For me, raisins, salt & shake crisps (I can eat them without the salt) and dark 70% cocoa orange chocolate (the only kind of chocolate I can have at the moment).

We bought fruit to make smoothies, marshmallows to toast and then we hit the DVD section. It’s almost December, it’s a family night… it was a no brainer to head to the “Christmas Movie” section of the shop! We bought Arthur Christmas, as we have wanted to see it for ages.image

Finally, to treat mummy (when the children are in bed), we hit the wine aisle!image

When we got home, Bunny and I, set about making smoothies – apple, pear, lime, banana, cucumber and a spoon of honey. Making smoothiesThey weren’t the most appetising colour – but they tasted great (and should balance out all the saturated fat from the processed snacks we bought)!Smoothie

Daddy made some homemade chips, to have with our snacks. Tiny and Fluffy REALLY enjoyed their rather unconventional dinner.Fluffy having dinner Tiny enjoying dinner

So how do you burn off dinner? On the Wii of course! Our favourite game is Just Dance and it’s great for both children and adults. If we are having an adult dinner party, we sometimes play it with our friends (when the kids are in bed obviously), and the loser of each dance has to drink a shot of something nasty! However this night, we decided to play bowling! Wii Bowling

Bunny playing on the Wii DSC_0301 Playing on the Wii Jonny playing on the WiiEnergy burnt out, we all snuggled up on the sofa to watch Arthur Christmas. Bunny did a disappearing act halfway through the film and Daddy got a bit cross. The twins grumbled, so Daddy went to get them milk. Snuggles returned. So Jonny and Bunny missed a few bits and we had to press pause a few times, but I really enjoyed the film anyway and nothing beats family snuggles!Family snuggles

We put the babies to bed and then we toasted marshmallows with Bunny over candles. I was amazed to find out that Jonny had NEVER toasted marshmallows before!Toasting Marshmallows

Bunny snuggled up with me and read me one of her school books, then went off to bed with a glass of milk.

Jonny and I, then got some time just for us. Beer for Jonny and Wine for me! 🙂

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