I thought it was about time for one of my own compositions. I'll cut to the chase. I've recently been awoken by the bold bright colours of autumn, as though I've not seen them in this light before. It inspired me. I've written some autumn prose full of colour, love and life.

Autumn Morning © Emma Day

The half naked trees
are ablaze
with fiery colour.
Sunshine yellow,
warm gold,
kissing my cheeks.
Bright Amber,
burnt orange,
cheering a smile.
Glowing tan,
hot red.
Contrast of active mind
with sleepy morning,
radiant against a cold blue sky.
Covering my path
like starchy blankets,
dropped by little hands.
Crunchy under my feet,
as lively breath
cuts through frozen air.
Big eyes sparkle
like the frost,
taking in all
that is new.

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    • Emma Day says:

      Thankyou, that’s such a lovely thing to say! I enjoyed writing it, and I think I put a lot of different meanings and imagery into it. It sums up how I felt, the other morning when I stepped outside my door, to find leaves everywhere, the car frosted over and the sun shining. xx

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