Everything is beginning to get festive! I love the clothing that comes out this time of year, especially the children’s partywear. Bunny has recently had a growth spurt too, so it’s perfect timing to get her a new party dress!

I had £50 to spend on children’s partywear at Tesco’s clothing brand F&F, so what did Bunny choose?
F&F Partywear F&F Partywear (27)

F&F Partywear (29)

F&F Partywear
F&F Floral Lace Sequin Dress £14.00
Bunny is a stereotypical little girl in the fact she loves anything sparkly, lacey or traditionally “girly”, so this dress suited her right down to the ground.

The bodice has a really pretty lace, overlaying sequins, so that the sparkle shows through, without being garish. The skirt has a soft net layer, atop a shiny satin, which gives it a really glamorous shine.F&F Partywear

F&F Metallic knitted cropped shrug £9.00
We ordered this in dark purple, although I think it also comes in black, red and navy. It’s a thin knit, with silvery glitter stranded threads weaved in. Again it gives a festive shimmer, without looking over the top. It’s quite thin, so ideal to wear at the start and end of a party (they always get sweaty and take them off, don’t they!).F&F Partywear

F&F 2 pair pack of sparkly fairy party tights £4.00
These are thin (grown up) tights. A white pair and a pale peachy-pink pair, with fairies and stars on them. Really good quality and they reminded Bunny of the pair she wore as a bridesmaid for her aunty.

F&F Glitter pumps £10.00
Show me a little girl, that doesn’t have an obsession with glitter?! What more can I say?

F&F Metallic fleck fluffy earmuffs £4.00
We wanted something funky and wintery to trend up this party outfit a little bit more. We were going to choose a hairband, but decided these earmuffs were just perfect. Again, they have glittery flecks woven through the wool. The chunky knit and the fluff add texture and a warm cosy vibe to the outfit.F&F Partywear earmuffs

Total outfit cost £41.00

I have to admit – I really don’t know who had the most fun during this photoshoot – me or Bunny?

The traditional catalogue pose!

The traditional catalogue pose!

I got to act all pro-photographer giving her pose suggestions and “turn your shoulders slightly towards me honey“. Whilst Bunny got told she was actually allowed to jump on my bed!Jumping on mummys bed

The thing is, the clothes were such good value for money, that I was under budget. So I decided to go slightly over budget and buy the twins dresses too!

F&F Rose corsage party dress £12.00 
Similar in style to Bunny’s dress, these also have a silky satin skirt, with a soft dainty mesh overlay. The bodice is covered in feminine fabric roses, keeping it soft and comfortable for my little babbas, while looking absolutely gorgeous!
(Cardigans – knitted with love, by one adoring Granny!)F&F Partywear Twins (18)

Getting the twins to stay still for a photoshoot, was another story. So, we just had fun, and snapped them as they were being themselves…

…Which obviously involves cuddling and kissing each other!

Total spend £65.00 but that got me party dresses for three children, including a whole outfit for Bunny. The twins have lots of tights, shoes and cardi’s already, so I call that a successful shop and brilliant value for money!

I ordered the items to be delivered to my local store for collection, because it means no postage costs and I drive right past anyway. I was however, very surprised, when I got a text message, the very next day, telling me my order was ready. THAT is fast! Bunny was thrilled that her outfit arrived so soon too.

We just need some parties to go to now! 🙂


Disclaimer 1

  1. Jaylene says:

    Emma: Hi, Jaylene Howell here…I met you at Waitrose last week while you were getting a script filled. Just checking in to see how you are doing. We’ve been praying for you and my mom is praying for all the way in Colorado! Hope that the scan went well today and that a radiation goes through you as quickly this time as it last time! All the best, Love, Jaylene

    • Emma Day says:

      Thankyou Jaylene, that’s very kind. I felt quite overwhelmed.by meeting you and by your prayer. I tweeted about it and people told me I had met an angel in you. I feel blessed by our brief encounter. Thankyou. Xx

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