Mark Warner Mum

This year, has been a particularly difficult one for our family. Yet at the same time, it has renewed our sense of family values, reinforced in our minds, the importance of cherishing the good times together.

Despite the issues with my Cancer and job loss, we’ve still had a lot of fun and laughs and appreciated the many milestones our children have reached. We’ve also achieved new things as adults too, like the fundraising we have done and for me, a personal achievement was running Race for Life.

One of the things we haven’t yet done as a family of five, is a holiday abroad. I can only begin to imagine the fun and frolicks we could get up to abroad.

That’s why I’m applying to be a #MarkWarnerMum. I’d never heard of Mark Warner Holidays before, but they do luxurious sun & ski holidays. I would be thrilled to become an ambassador for Mark Warner Holidays, for any kind of holiday – sun or ski. I feel there is something magic and very beautiful about snow, yet I’ve never been on a skiing / snow holiday!

So, for our entry to this competition, I’ve done some research on Mark Warner Ski holidays and re-written the lyrics, to Michael Buble’s rendition of Santa Baby. These have been sung by my wonderful husband, Jonny Day. There’s a little hint of Bunny singing in there too.

It’s cheesey, but I hope you like it…

Here are the lyrics:

Santa Baby, Send us skiing somewhere pretty, oh please
We’ve had an awful bad year, Santa buddy,
Our family needs a holiday!
Santa Buddy, a warm chalet with a log fire, so nice.
I’ll wait up with champagne on ice, Santa buddy,
and join us for afternoon tea!

Mum’s had Cancer and lost her job
money is something we don’t have much of.
Stuck together through thick and thin
really think we deserve to win!

Santa Pal-ly I want to see
The family and me, go ski.
Kids have been sweeties all year, Santa Buddy
Our family needs to get away!

Santa Buddy, I hear France is beautiful
And Italy,
Or even Austria
Santa Pally
So hurry up and take us there!

Santa Buddy, Show me that fluffy snow
Winter Glow
WE will all wrap up warm, Santa baby
we really need a holiday
let us enjoy the scenery
Make us Mark Warner Ambassadors
Never tried to Ski before
We won’t stop til our bums are sore.

Santa papi
The children will love the kiddies club, oh yeah
When we need a much earned rest, Santa buddy,
So hurry down the chimney tonight
Hurry down the chimney tonight
OH hurry down the chimney tonight!

Please note: I have purchased a customised backing track and sought the necessary legal permissons to be able to use this music on my blog.


 We are very very sad to say, that I didn’t get chosen to be a Mark Warner Mum.

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