Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Pushchair ReviewThe twins are now 18 months old and up until recently, I’ve always sworn by side-by-side twin pushchairs. I decided you “can’t mock it ’til you’ve tried it”, so I chose to test out the Graco Stadium Duo Tandem pushchair in navy blue, which is currently on sale in Argos for £169.99.Graco Stadium Duo Tandem - Straight out of the box

What I liked about this tandem, is that both seats are on the same level. I’m really not a fan of the pushchairs where one baby is underneath the other. The seats on this one were also nice and wide and each had separate play trays (although in my experience, these are more often used as snack trays!). The back seat reclines fully (by squeezing the lever at the back of the seat) and the front seat reclines quite a way, but not fully flat. For this reason it is advertised as being suitable from 6 months in the front seat, and newborn in the back seat.Graco Tandem - slim Comfort
It came with very thick, padded, cosy toes, which fit either under or over the play trays (which are detachable anyway). These only go over the front of the legs and under the feet though, not under the legs. They were very easy to clip on and off and made the pushchair look really smart..Graco Tandem - footmuffs

The large wheels on this tandem makes it easy and smooth to push. I was surprised at first by how quiet it is, in comparison with one of my other buggies. As it is a lot narrower, than a side-by-side, it is easy to fit through doorways and navigate around shops. It is however, a lot longer in length, which does make it a little difficult getting up kerbs (if you’ve got chunky heavy 18 month olds like me!).Graco Tandem - chunky wheels

How much shopping you can get into a pushchair, is always one of my top considerations when buying a pushchair. What’s the use in a trendy state of the art pram – with no shopping basket? Where do you put all those nappies and baby wipes? The Graco Stadium Duo, EASILY had the biggest shopping basket I have ever come across in a pushchair (whether single or twin). After a slightly mad session in town, I managed to get about 300 nappies, 10 packs of baby wipes, 2 tubs of growing up milk formula, 6 pints of milk, my handbag and a few other bits and pieces in the basket, with little effort!Graco Tandem - shopping basket

Folding up and down
This buggy has quite an impressive one hand fold. You just click the button and twist the handle at the same time and down it drops. To unfold, you simply pull the handle upwards and wait for the click. Very practical and quick, especially when you have a protesting baby in your other arm!Graco Stadium Duo

Boots and hoods
You do need quite a large car boot for this buggy, as the pushchair is large lengthways. I haven’t had the guts to try this one on the bus yet! The front hood can be detached with a few clicks, to get it in a bit easier. The hoods go up and down too, but the Graco Stadium Duo does not come with raincovers as standard, so these must be bought separately.Graco Tandem side view

Graco Tandem - hood backConclusion
This pushchair has opened my mind to tandem pushchairs and is completely different to any side by side I’ve tried. I’d suggest this one is better suited to children of different ages, more than twins – especially if your twins have a tendancy to lean forward and pull each others hair!The twins verdict

  1. fajreen says:

    your blog has been really helpfull. im planning a vaccation to london with my 3 years old daughter and 1.5 years old son, do you think it would be suitable for me.

  2. fajreen says:

    ill be using a range rover, so will this fit in the boot, and if i have to use the tube, will this tandem work for me? if you have any other suggestions for me on choosing a pushchair, do let me know. thanx!

    • Emma Day says:

      The folded dimensions are L109, W66, D57cm. I personally prefer my Mountain Buggy Duet, which is a side by side, but a very narrow one. The Cosatto Supa Dupa Twin is a good side by side which folds small enough to get on a train. I’ve not tried any other tandems as they just weren’t for me in the end.

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