I was tagged by Sarah who blogs as Mum of Three World, to blog an A-Z of me! So here it is… The A-Z of Emma Day!

Emma Day

This is me!

A = The first initial of my first daughter. (Nicknamed Bunny on this blog) She is incredible. She changed my life, made me a mum, made me – me, and my three girls are EVERYTHING!

B = Blogging – Two years ago, I didn’t know what a blog was. Now my blog is a part of my life and it has changed my life too.

C = Carnival – It’s where I met my husband and it’s one of my passions – dancing on an illuminated cart with 30000 lightbulbs and 25 other people for hours at a time, to crowds of thousands. The social life and sense of belonging that came with it, was great. I miss it.

D = Dorset – Where I grew up. I lived there for 17 years. I had a charming country village upbringing, enjoying lots of time with friends in the great outdoors (back in the days where we rarely used phones or computers).

E = Eva – Our beautiful dalmation who we had to rehome when I fell pregnant with the twins. We tried so very hard to train her and we got professional help too, but she just wasn’t good with children. She now lives in the Caribbean chasing coconuts and swimming in the sea every day. We get video updates.

F = Ffor Fish. Yes my goldfish’s name was “F For” Fish (pronounced ef-fer). I won him at a fair. I was told goldfish only live a year or two. I think he lived to be about 7 or 8 years old, surviving all manner of illnesses – mainly because my mum and stepdad rehomed him when I moved away for Uni.

G = Green Day – The start of my musical education and my support through the angst of being a teenager. I discovered Green Day when I was 14, after meeting some lads on holiday who loved them (one of whom is still a good friend). It was the start of my punk era, school rebellion, eyebrow piercing, makeup, writing poetry – all of which lead me to new friends and a happier school life. It’s unbelievable to think that listening to Dookie opened up a whole new (happier and more confident) world for me, but it did.

H = Hospitality – I’ve always worked in either hospitality or retail. I enjoy it. I have a 2:1 honours degree in hospitality management.

I = I
llness – I could have put this under C for Cancer, as I’m currently fighting my second, but that wouldn’t count for all the kidney infections, septicaemia, Pre Eclampsia, Hyperemisis Gravidarum, Symphis Pubis Dysfunction, HELLP Syndrome or any of the other things that I’ve had over the years!

J = J
onny – My husband and the love of my life.

K = Kissing and cuddling. I am a very affectionate person. I still kiss and cuddle all my family when I visit, and will often show public displays of affection with my husband and children, wherever I am. I think I must kiss my children about a hundred times a day. I am very cuddly with my friends too.

L = Late. I am late everywhere. Always have been. It’s a habit, so I probably always will be. I was even born late. So I say, I was born to be late. People get used to it. Those closest to me, ask me to be places 30 minutes before they want me there.

M = Memory. My short term memory has pretty much disintegrated since having three children. My long term memory is astounding though. I can memorise long numbers quite easily. I know all my debit card numbers and online logins off by heart. I know the registration of every car my parents had when I was little and I remember my friends parents phone numbers from Primary school. I cannot remember what I had for breakfast.

N = Nala – Our beautiful (and slightly unusual) puss cat. White all over (although she had a black spot on her head as a kitten) with one green eye and one blue. The most placid cat I have ever met. More than happy to be carried around upside down by the children. Won’t ever bite or scratch.

O = Optimism. Life has taught me that it is when we are at our weakest, that we most need to be strong and positive. It is important to cherish every second of life and appreciate everything we have. No matter how low you fall, there will always be someone worse off. So be happy with what you have, aim high in your achievements and be positive, even when times are hard.

P = Poetry – I have written over 300 poems. Mostly during my adolescence, whilst studying English. Some of them are incredible. I dream of getting them published.

Q = Quotes. I love quotes. I used to paint quotes across my bedroom wall in silver radiator paint (script font) when I was younger. I have whole book of quotes which I love.

R = Radioactive Mum – Google it – you’ll find me, me and more of me!

S = Sidney – The first love of my life. My best childhood friend. A gorgeous black Labrador who worshipped me and protected me. We got him when I was one year old. We grew up together. One morning when I was 15, he didn’t seem himself. Before I went to school, I said goodbye to him and that I loved him, because I could sense that he would be gone by time I got home. I was right and I was devastated.

T = Twins. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to have twins. I wished for them ever since I was a little girl.

U = University. I didn’t do the typical uni lifestyle or live in halls, but I got a degree. Going to uni in the first place gave me my independence. I loved being a “student” and taking advantage of student discount. I had a few goes at uni, before I finally graduated. I’d like to go back and do a postgrad degree one day.

V = Vauxhall. My first car was a bright yellow Vauxhall Agila (03 plates), which my dad gave me in 2004. I had endless grief from my friends about my funny looking car, but it was new, it was reliable and it was very me! I loved that car. I drove her 120000 miles, before her engine gave up and I sold her to a mechanic.

W = Writer. I am not just a blogger, I am a writer too. (See poetry above). Currently working on my first book, with ideas for more. Plan to do more freelance writing too.

X = XX. I am female, therefore I carry the XX chromosomes.

Y = Youth. I’m 27, I still feel like I’m 18. I have a youthful approach to life. I LOVE life.

Z = Zoom lens – what I really need for my camera! I love taking photos.

Still reading? If you are – you deserve a medal!

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