I realise that most “normal” people’s career objectives are to start at the bottom of the career ladder and work their way up. Or take a degree or two and start in middle management and work up from there. I have worked at the bottom, I have worked at the top & somewhere in the middle, I got my degree. But now, I have made the decision, to descend the career ladder for a while.


Well, it’s been a tough few years.

I loved managing a pub. It’s hard work, it’s long and not always sociable hours, but I loved it nonetheless. We have been messed around, by the last three owners of said pub, and they have put us through hell, including almost making us homeless, underpaying us, sacking me because I needed time off for radiotherapy, and sacking Jonny, because someone else would do the job for less money! We were walked all over and it only made us work harder.

This last year has been the toughest though. I’ve not worked much, due to having Thyroid Cancer (which thankfully I now have the all-clear from!). Cancer has left me both physically and emotionally weak. Since losing my management job, I cannot bring myself to work full time. I barely have the energy to job hunt. I cannot pressure myself to take another position of responsibility, but at the same time, I have to work, to help Jonny support us and our children.

So what have I done?

I have, quite by accident, got myself a new job. Or should I say old job? I have gone back to working in a nightclub I worked in 4 – 5years ago. Promo work and bar work. Highly unsociable hours in a club which doesn’t shut until 6am! But do you know what? I’ve only been back two days, I’m really chuffing tired destroyed and every part of me aches, but I am loving it already. My bosses are hugely understanding of my situation, and have agreed I can work one night a week, until I build my strength up.

I just want a simple job, one where I can work hard and never get bored.

One where I am not shouldering all the responsibilities, and can take my orders from someone else.

One where signing out at the end of the shift, means I am no longer on duty!

Most importantly, I need a job that will allow me to continue spending time with my family, blogging, writing my book, forming Emma’s Army against Cancer, and running my own business.

And thanks to my Bestest, I am back in my old job.

So in some peoples eyes, I may have taken a U-turn on my career path, stepped down from pub management, and gone back to casual bar work…  

…But that, my friends… is exactly what I need right now!

  1. sarah says:

    i really believe that there is a season for all things in our lives and sometimes the ‘career’ thing has to take a back seat and it can be hard if you think you are missing opportunities but they are all still there when you feel strong enough to come back to it. Besides there is no greater job than raising a family in my eyes anyway. I have done very similar and watched younger people get promoted when i just couldn’t committ to the hours needed but i believe its the best choice for my kids and my family. Hope you find the hours okay. Im used to working nights now for so many years x
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  2. gary says:

    What a spot on post, I have not had the direct personal experience you have but have lost my parents and both siblings in the last 7 years as well as becoming a dad and just this week said to my wife pretty much what you describe. So many reasons why and you encapsulated it all perfectly! Keep on writing x

  3. Katherine Hurt says:

    Hi emma really pleased for you but be careful. I returned to work aug and now my occupational health said I tried too quicly to get back to my old hrs and I can bearly cope now and even more fatigue and stressed. Listen to your body not anyone else. They dont understand about the fatigue. My consultant told me its to do with the break from t3 till levothyroine and this fatigued the body mine was in june he told me it take 9-12 months before it settles. Wishing you luck please dont do what I done im in mess now and so exhausted x

  4. Patricia Walker says:

    All power to you!! It takes one hell of a lot of courage to master cancer and walk away from it. It takes one hell of a lot of courage to stick to the guns and keep working alongside parental considerations. It takes one hell of a lot of courage to walk away from the top to reclaim base camp. Even more importantly it takes more courage to stand back and rediscover the self after the rollercoaster of life. You rock girl and don’t listen to anyone that says any different!

  5. Sarah Anne @skimmedmiilk says:

    I saw your post tweeted by someone I follow, and “descending the career ladder” grabbed me, I just had to click! I can totally relate to this. I had a fairly well-paid job with a lot of responsibility and stress but also prospects and pay rises, but when they were totally unsupportive of my wish to work closer to home and reduce my hours on return from maternity leave, I quit. I am now in a job that pays less, but the upside of that is that it is closer to home and more flexible. It is also much less stressful and I don’t dread going each day – the knock on effect to my family for me going to a job I enjoy has been incredible, I hadn’t been aware quite how much negativity I was lugging home from the office each night.

    You are doing what works for you and yours, so I wish you every luck!

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