Happy New Year

Tiny and Fluffy have been very poorly since the day after boxing day and I’ve spent some time in hospital with Tiny recently. They are both on antibiotics now, but still very poorly babies. So I had to cancel my New Year’s Eve plans and stay home with the girls. It didn’t bother me. My girls are everything, so NYE paled into insignificance.

Bunny however, was very disappointed not to be going to Grannies or to any parties. I realised that despite feeling ill myself (I have the same virus as the twins – including the tonsilitis), I needed to somehow make NYE special for Bunny.

So once the twinningtons were in bed asleep, Bunny and I had a girly night.

Carpet picnic with an Indian Takeaway.carpet picnic

Curling Bunny’s hair and painting our nails. NYE 2013 (12) NYE 2013 (15) NYE 2013 (19) NYE 2013 (21)

Playing Connect 4.

NYE 2013 (25)

We drank muddy puddles (and pink wine for Mummy) and we watched the countdown and the fireworks on BBC1.

We did Auld Lang Syne, just the two of us.

I welcomed the new year in, with my arms around Bunny. Having one of those cuddles, we missed when I was radioactive.NYE 2013 (34)

We lit sparklers in the garden and wished for better health for all our family next year.NYE 2013 (35) NYE 2013 (38)

2013 was a very difficult year for us. Mostly dominated by my Cancer. Dented further towards the end by my job loss. It was a fantastic year in many other ways, watching our children grow and develop, and various fantastic places my blog has taken us. Sadly though, despite all the good times, the Cancer really took 2013 from us.

I always find midnight on New Year’s Eve emotional and I often well up and reminisce. This is the first time ever, that have felt relief at saying goodbye to a year of our lives. I am welcoming 2014 with open arms, open mind and open heart. Stronger arms, stronger mind and stronger heart. 

Goodbye 2013, Goodbye Cancer.

  1. Mummy Glitzer says:

    It certainly has been one hell of a year for you. So pleased you got some special time with Bunny and I truly hope that now you (and your Mum!) have kicked Cancer’s butt, that 2014 is your year for family, full of wonderful memories. xx
    Mummy Glitzer recently posted..Rounding up 2013My Profile

  2. MishMashMamma says:

    One of my twins was very ill over and had to be admitted into ICU for a week. I cannot imagine what a year you must have had, but I believe that these hardships just make us realise the importance of life and how lucky we are to be together with our families. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!
    MishMashMamma recently posted..Out of the darkness and into the lightMy Profile

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