#WednesdayWords has taken a break for Christmas and New Year, but it's back now!

And I am back, ready and raring to go.

I have left a shitty year full of Cancer in the past and am moving on to do great things like #EmmasArmy.

I found a brilliant quote online, to sum up this bold new beginning...

“For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."
                                  (Little Gidding)”  ―     T.S. Eliot

So bloggers - come and link up a quote, poem, prose, lyrics, letter or short story.
Grab my badge.
Be sure to come back later and comment on some other linkups.

Readers - please show some support to the blogs linking up their posts below. Bloggers always love comments (and shares on twitter)!

Wednesday Words


  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Emma,

    Do we post the poem/quote etc on our own blogs? and then send it to you on a tweet? sorry I get panicky with these things incase i do something really wrong 🙂

    • Emma Day says:

      Yes you post it on your own blog, along with the badge code, which you put in the html part of your post. (You can get the badge by holding control and C, then paste it into your own post). Then each week that you have a post, you go to my Wednesday Words post and at the bottom you will find a “mister linky” widget. You put the URL of your post and the name of your blog in here. Then you can click on some others and go and comment on theirs. Tweet me @crazywithtwins if you have any problems.

      Oh and make sure it is the URL of your WednesdayWords post that you link up – NOT your homepage (or people won’t be able to find your post).

      Hope that helps?

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