The Sun £9.50 Holidays Review

January 9, 2014 in Days out, Family, Holidays, Shopping, Travel, Uncategorized by Emma Day

Hands up if you are collecting The Sun £9.50 holiday tokens right now?

*Puts hand up*

We went on a Sun £9.50 holiday last year, to our favourite caravan park in the UK. Haven’s Devon Cliffs park. My parents had a caravan there when I was little and we used to go every weekend. I went several times as a teenager / in my early twenties too, because there is something for everyone there.Devon Cliffs - Sandy Bay

Other members of my family have experienced The Sun’s £9.50 holidays too, to other venues and always had a good time.

Haven Hot Chocolate

Are The Sun £9.50 holidays really only £9.50?

Yes and No. They are £9.50 per person – which is reasonable. Last year, we had to pay extra for entertainment passes too, but there are SOME holidays in which the entertainment passes are included in the price. If you want extras, like an upgrade to a more luxurious caravan, or linen hire and beds made up on arrival, then you have the option to purchase these extras!Haven's Rory the Tiger

How much did we pay?

For 4 nights (midweek) at Devon Cliffs, in an 8 berth caravan, we paid £38 (The Sun Holidays were £9 each then, not £9.50!).

We paid £20.00 for 4 entertainment passes.
We paid £31.80 for power (gas/electric)
We paid £16 for an upgrade to luxury plus.

Total price £113.80

So… not quite £9.50, but bearing in mind, Haven holidays often range from £200-£800 for a week, I’d say that was more than reasonable.

I paid the £38 directly to The Sun during the application process, and the further £75.80 before the holiday.
The Sun £9.50 Holidays
I now get a priority booking code and a bonus token for future promotions like this, meaning I have more chance of getting the dates and the holiday that I apply for.

Was The Sun £9.50 holiday as good as a full price holiday?

In my experience… my short answer would be no.

Considering we upgraded to Luxury Plus, the caravan we were put in, was anything but luxury. It was so filthy in fact, that I made a complaint and demanded to be moved. A rather poo caravan

We were then put in an Owners Exclusive caravan… which really was the definition of luxury in caravanning.Haven April 2013 (33) Devon Cliffs Owners Exclusive

After the caravan move – my answer would be absolutely YES. Our holiday was exactly the same quality as it would have been if we’d paid full price via Haven. As someone who has holidayed at that particular park numerous times, I feel I’m qualified to answer that.Haven Devon CliffsTwin room in a caravan

The question is… do they put the £9.50 holiday makers in the grotty caravans, or was I just unlucky? Well… I guess we shall see after my next Sun Holiday, which I will be applying for on Sunday.

Would I recommend The Sun £9.50 holidays?

Yes… why not? You aren’t likely to find another holiday that cheap.Haven Devon Cliffs

Come back and read my full review of Devon Cliffs Haven holiday park coming very soon!

Please note: I am in NO way affiliated with The Sun. This is just my personal review of their token collect holidays.