Here are days 5 – 11 of my project 365 (5th – 11th Jan 2014)…

Day 5 Jan 5th 2014

The twins fell asleep cuddled up together in their playpen.

Day 6 Jan 6th 2014

When I got off the phone, I found Tiny brushing Fluffy’s hair.

Day 7 Jan 7th 2014

Daddy-tickles are just the funniest!

Day 8 Jan 8th 2014

My fab Nova Harley Manhattan baby changing bag, which I got sent as a thank you, after I worked with The Ultimate Baby Bag company, and they were impressed with my work.

Day 9 Just Giving

#EmmasArmy now has a team page on Just Giving! Myself and many others are going to walk The Cotswold Way (or part of it) to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I’m going to walk all 104 miles of it! You can sponsor me by clicking on the button at the top right of this page!

Day 10 Jan 10th 2014 Fluffy plays on the laptop, when Mummy isn’t looking. She’s a future blogger, I’m sure.

Day 11 Jan 11th 2014Tiny sitting nicely, eating her toast from a plate this morning, instead of being strapped into the high chair.

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