Here are days 12-18 of my project 365 photos (12th-18th Jan 2014). No particular theme this week and some of the photos are a bit ropey in quality, because the battery on my camera died and we couldn’t find the charger! I naturally take photos every day, but didn’t take loads to choose from for the project this week.

Day 12
I couldn’t help but laugh at the Tesco January Sales! I mean just look at all those bargains! Come on Tesco – it’s only the 12th January, how can the January sales be over already???

Day 13

We were in our local paper again, The Gloucestershire Echo. Well actually, we were on the front cover! We were also on page 2 and a little bit on another page further back! The official story about me getting the all-clear from Cancer, and also an introduction to my fundraising campaign #EmmasArmy

Day 14

Brave or silly? There are occasions now, when we allow the twins to have breakfast, lunch or a snack, on the sofa, instead of in their highchairs! This is mainly laziness on my part. It’s easier to stick them on the sofa, than get both the highchairs out. My babies are growing into toddlers!!!

Day 15

Another first… we allowed the twins to WALK around the supermarket! Partly because they were throwing tantrums, biting and pulling each others hair in the trolley, and partly because they’ve never been steady enough on their feet to walk round a shop before.

Day 16

Tiny decided to put my slippers on!

Day 17

The ice on my car in the morning, looked really pretty, so I thought I’d take a photo of it!

Day 18

Jan 18th 2014

I couldn’t help but laugh at Tiny… I was just about to take her up to bed and I wondered why she was just standing there, instead of walking towards me… I’ve no idea how she did this, but it gave us a good giggle. Bless her!

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  1. Elaine Livingstone says:

    you could put one in the trolley and let one walk….that would mean you only have one to run after but they cant hit/bite each other.
    Yes the Tesco sale seems to be doing well….or were they just setting it up and not got round to putting items up.
    Nice to see you featured in the paper, and great they are giving you coverage.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted..Project 365 12-18th JanMy Profile

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