Recently I feel tired a lot, but more than that, I feel... weak. Most of the time.

Yes, I have been through a lot, physically and emotionally.

I have beat Cancer and I am breaking out the other side of depression, unaided.

Yes my consultant says it's going to take time. Up to a year, to get my life back on track. To be myself again. Completely.

But still. I don't just feel tired and ridiculously weak, physically and emotionally.

The last year has aged me. I don't recognise myself and I don't know where I'm going. Do I need to accept that changing direction is not a bad thing?
Or do I need to find the conviction to stay on track?

Either way... I've a blog post coming soon, that I drafted last night - about not recognising the face in the mirror.

For now... I've written a slightly strange poem instead...



The shiny slither of silver
glares an unrecognisable face.
It shouts "tired".
It screams "MAYBE"
to my ambitions.
Reflecting, reminiscing, but no regrets.
The bright light seems fake
It shows weakness.
It shows the cracks
of my soul.
This mirror used to glare,
energetic passion and dreams.
It used to shout "opportunity".
It used to scream "YES"
to motivation.
Perhaps it just needs a good clean?


© Emma Day 22.01.2014

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