Here is week four of Project 365 – taking a photo every day for a year.

These span 19th-25th January 2014 and seem to be all about smiles!

Day 19Hello Kitty Trainers

This weekend, we found out that Bunny has been moved to a higher group at acrobatic gymnastics, as she has progressed well over the last year. We obviously bought her the obligatory new t-shirt for her new group, but we wanted to get her something else to show her how proud we are. So I popped out and bought these Hello Kitty trainers. They put a HUGE smile on her face and she’s barely taken them off since! Funny enough, Tiny keeps trying them on too – I swear Tiny has a show addiction.

Day 20Tiny with a vest on her head

Big smiles from Tiny, who thought it was hilarious that she got her vest stuck on her head, just before her bath!

Day 21Mummy time

I treated myself to some Mummy-time this week. Starting with a couple of drinks and a girly chat with my friend Azaria. Once she’d said which hairstyles I shouldn’t get… I went out and got a combination of those done! 
Azaria introduced me to a lovely little bar I didn’t know existed. The Tavern in Cheltenham. It was pricey, but had such lovely décor and atmosphere, I’ll definitely be going back.

Day 22Tiny and Fluffy giggling

The twins need very little to entertain them – they entertain each other. I love this photo of them messing around at milk time!

Day 23Baby in a bakery

I also absolutely LOVE this photo of Tiny let loose in a bakery! She spent fifteen minutes, just standing looking at the cakes and smiling, while I had a cup of tea. I’d like to add – she had a cake of her own, but she was happier looking at the selection, rather than eating her own!

Day 241 year old and 6 year old siblings

This pic makes me smile… Fluffy fell asleep in Bunny’s arms. Not only that, but Bunny was quite happy, to just sit there and cuddle her.

Day 25child sleeping in strange place

Jonny and I had a good giggle at Bunny, who put a beanbag on a dining chair, lay on top of it, with her feet on another dining chair and promptly fell asleep – under the table!

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