Recently, Bunny has started getting up ridiculously early (7am) on school days. I come downstairs to find her half-ready for school and watching tele. Tele which was always banned in the mornings, until she started getting up early. I figured that at six years old, she is old enough to get herself dressed for school. Her lovely daddy makes her packed lunch and I get the twins ready.

However, it’s not until she gets to the school playground, or sometimes not even until she gets home in the afternoon, that we discover her major school uniform errors!

Here are the top five from recent weeks…

1. Pantless

The day Bunny came home from school wearing a pair of knickers which didn’t belong to her. When we asked her why she was wearing somebody else’s knickers she said, “because I didn’t have any on”.

2. Silly socks

As she couldn’t find her clean tights, she wore socks to school. As we marched into the playground I noticed… One sock was a short, white, plain ankle sock. The other… a cream, knee-high sock with pink ribbons down the back.

3. Dirty shirty

On picking Bunny up from school, Jonny noticed she had gone to school in the shirt from the day before… which was COVERED in chocolate stains, all down the front.

4. Big black boots

Having “misplaced” her school shoes AND the back up pair, Bunny had to go to school in knee-high patent black boots!

5. The Late Look

This one consists of the wrong colour or type of tights, a grubby shirt, a cat-hair-covered skirt, whichever shoes she can find, hair down and no cardigan (because she always leaves it at school)!

It seems I’m going to have to start supervising her clothing choices. She always has clean uniform folded on her shelf, she just chooses to go with her own quirky 6 year old style instead!

We won’t go into detail about the time I remembered (in the school playground) that I was still wearing my slippers!

  1. Nicola says:

    There’s one dad at little lady’s school who stands on the corner, slippers on and a mug of tea in his hand, watching his son walk the last bit to school. He always makes me smile as he looks like he’s just stood up from the breakfast table and walked out the front door!

    • Emma Day says:

      Actually, I’m a fantastic mother. And not likely to be concerned by your hideous misjudgement. The school know what 6 year old children are like. They actively encourage children dressing independently. Plus I’ve already pointed out, I will be supervising her outfit choices more carefully from now on.

      I’m afraid I’m highly unlikely to take on board a comment from someone not polite enough to use their real name.

  2. Jude says:

    I think you sound like a lovely mother and glad you’re not letting that anon poster bug you – good for you letting her show her independence. I can only dream that my son would show an interest in dressing. Couldn’t care less and would rather be naked, give the chance. He’s only 3 but starting school in Sept so we need to make progress! Great post – I’m reassured he doesn’t need to be dressing himself perfectly now. Thanks!
    Jude recently posted..Hold onto your fish fingers, kids. What’s yours is mine…My Profile

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