Wednesday Words

Is it Wednesday again already?

Wow, time really flies when you have children! ...I know, the saying goes "time flies when you are having fun", but having children is basically the same thing. There's nothing better than having children (in my humble, overly maternal opinion).

I've seen lots of quotes recently starting with either:

Love is...


Happiness is...

So I thought, that this week, instead of quoting somebody else, I'd come up with a quote of my own. A "Happiness is..." quote

Happiness is a big long embrace, with both your soulmate and your children together.           ©Emma Day


Regular readers know from last year, how much cuddles with my children mean to me, but cuddles with my husband shouldn't be underestimated either. That man is my rock. My soul mate. Just the five of us being together, even if we aren't doing anything exciting, is what makes my life full of contentment. It doesn't matter that we have no money, that our roof is currently leaking into our spare room, that I've a ton of paperwork to do, that I've had a few rough days recently. Last year gave me a lot of perspective and I hope never to let go of that.

If you are a blogger, come and join in with this weeks #WednesdayWords by blogging a quote, lyric, poem, prose, short story or letter. If you haven't joined in before and you'd like some inspiration... why not come up with your own "Happiness is" or "Love is" type of quote?

Remember: If you quote somebody else, whether famous or not - you must credit the original author.

Remember: To come back later and comment on the other linkups.

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Wednesday Words


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