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Children’s movie Reef 2: High Tide, sequel to The Reef, is being launched on DVD, digital and on demand on Monday 17th February 2014 by Paramount. We’ve had a sneaky peaky at a pre-launch copy, so we could review it for you. There are also two children’s activity sheets that you can print out for them, at the bottom of this review.

It’s been a long time since I saw The Reef, launched in 2006, but the unforgettable characters quickly reinforced the former storyline at the start of Reef 2.

The captured baddie Troy, is helped to escape by a skinny starving shark called Ronnie, who agrees to help Troy, in return for food. Troy and his four nasty shark friends want to have a big fish buffet at high tide and eat all the fish in the Reef. They send Ronnie into the Reef to stop the fish from fighting back.

Meanwhile Pi, the hero of The Reef, is trying to train all the other fish to fight back against Troy. When high tide comes, Troy will be able to swim straight into the reef. Pi’s training is interrupted by a funny looking fish (Ronnie in disguise) who suggests that they would be better off performing a show, to attract humans, as they just aren’t cut out for fighting. Cordelia is delighted to be made the star of the show, but Pi isn’t convinced by Ronnie and makes other plans. Pi’s son Junior, wants to help and be a hero just like Pi, but Junior just seems to get in the way. Pi needs to swallow his pride and start working as a team with Junior and the other fish, if the Reef is to be saved from the sharks at high tide.

So what happens? Well… you’ll have to check it out yourself when it’s released on the 17th Feb!

It’s a great family friendly DVD and I really enjoyed watching it. So did Bunny, my 6 year old daughter, who has watched it three times this week. Unlike a lot of sequels, this one is just as good as the original movie and not too predictable, as often happens in children’s movies. The colours in this movie are absolutely stunning too, as are the expressions on the characters faces. I also found, that unlike some voice-over movies, the voices weren’t at all distracting (sometimes you can’t help but think of the actor recording the voices, rather than the creature on screen). I’d definitely recommend this one as one to watch with the whole family.

You can see the trailer for it here:

Here is a colouring sheet and a dot-to-dot for children. Click on the image and press ctrl & P (together) to print.
Reef 2  Activity Sheet

Reef 2 dot to dot

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