In October, when hosting a Battle of the Bands competition to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support, I discovered the most incredible singer songwriter… Emi McDade. She writes her own songs, plays her own music and puts her heart and soul into her music. Despite being a soloist competing against bands, she won the Battle of the Bands hands down. Even her sound check got an applause from the other competitors. When she played again at the end, nobody wanted her to stop.

Emi McDade

On Monday, Emi McDade released her debut song, “Through my Eyes” to iTunes. I’d like to point out, that not only is Emi ridiculously talented, but she is also only sixteen years old! In addition to this, she has a really good heart. She put half of her winnings from the Battle of the Bands back into the fund for MacMillan Cancer Support. How many sixteen year olds would do that? Think of all the things an aspiring sixteen year old musician could have bought with that money to further her career? But she didn’t.

Left to Right:  Jonny, Emi, Me

Left to Right:
Jonny, Emi, Me

So I want to give something back to Emi. Please show her some support by popping over to iTunes and buying her song, “Through My Eyes” (it’s only 79p and it’s incredible). Click here to go to iTunes to buy it.

You can also see the accompanying YouTube video here:


And if that’s not enough… you can see Emi perform live at the awesome Somerset music festival known as The Godney Gathering on Sunday 19th July 2014. The Godney Gathering hosts over 40 awesome live acts (including headliners Reef) over 10 hours, on 5 stages, to a crowd of 4999 people!

I’ll be there and I can’t wait! Tier 1 tickets for the Godney Gathering are available now… click here to buy yours.

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