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For the girl’s Christenings last year, we gave each of them a silver charm bracelet, with a charm on. We plan to, over the years, buy them a charm to celebrate special occasions and milestones. Bunny has a charm for our wedding, a charm for her naming ceremony and a charm for her Christening. The twins just have their Christening charm so far. At the time, the bracelets we could afford, weren’t the best, but it was the thought and the charms, that were the point. We always said that when we could afford it, we’d buy them sturdier, better quality bracelets for their charms.Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (1)

What’s more, very few places seem to be selling traditional silver charms for charm bracelets anymore. We had so much trouble finding the crosses for the girls, because many jewellers are opting instead, for the beaded style charm bracelets. Those, whilst lovely, for me, just lack the sentimentality of the more traditional style charm bracelet that I wanted my girls to have.Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (4)

We’ve just recently discovered that Goldsmiths have launched a fantastic new range of high quality children’s jewellery called “Little Wishes”. Goldsmiths Little Wishes are nickel-free, sterling silver charms, charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings for children. The range is exclusive to Goldsmiths and designed in their London studio for the personal touch. The intention being for children to build up their jewellery collection whilst celebrating special milestones in their lives – exactly like we want to do with our three girls.Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (2)

Imagine how delighted we were, when they sent us three silver charm bracelets and a charm each, for the girls to review.

Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (11)

The bracelets were made of a nice weighty solid silver and the links were smooth and sturdy. Goldsmiths also sent each of the girls a beautiful bunny charm, which is particularly apt for Bunny (and also for Easter)! Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (6)

Each bracelet, not only came in a lovely bespoke little pink box, tied with a silver ribbon, but also came in a little pink fabric pouch with a drawstring. This was a really nice touch and made opening it, all the more exciting.Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (5)

The bracelet retails at £29.00 and the bunny charm at £19.00 (prices correct on Goldsmiths website at the time of publishing this post). You can find Goldsmiths Little Wishes children’s jewellery on their website. The charm bracelet is filtered under charms – not bracelets (perhaps it should be under both?).Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (7)

There are so many charms on the Goldsmith website that I can see myself buying to add to the girls collection over the years. They are just so pretty. I particularly like the ideas of the book charm, for when they leave primary school or do well in exams. Or the ballet shoes charm if they do well at dance classes. Also the lucky charm, for when they do something that requires luck. These charms, whilst designed for children, would last a lifetime and hold so many memories. I plan to give my girls charms, right up to driving tests and their first job. Maybe even marriage and their first baby too!Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (9) Goldsmith Little Wishes Charm Bracelet (10)

I’d highly recommend Goldsmiths Little Wishes collection as great gifts for children. #LittleWishes


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  1. Steff says:

    Such a lovely idea! I’ve still not bought my girls anything for their first birthday (they’re 14 months now!) as I wanted something which would mean something but they already got a couple of necklaces and keepsakes. This is perfect though so I’m pinching this idea… hope you don’t mind! xx
    Steff recently posted..Walking! (Finally!!)My Profile

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