Wednesday WordsI have reached the decision, that after almost a year and a half of running my weekly literature linky, I am bringing #WednesdayWords to an end. There will be no more #WednesdayWords.


Well there are many reasons really…

1) I’m working on getting my book published and I’d rather have my own poetry and prose out there in book form, than on my blog. I could carry on posting works of others that inspire me, but that would distract from the time I want to spend working on my book.

2) Change of direction. Although literature is a love of mine, I don’t feel that my blog is the right place for it anymore. I want to post more about family life, family travel and twin stuff.

3) Time. I also have another blog on the go, which I will be launching soon. My time is really stretched, especially with my ongoing #EmmasArmy against Cancer campaign too.

4) Not feeling the love. In the last few weeks, the number of supporters for #WednesdayWords has dwindled to one or two each week, from the twenty or so it used to be.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has joined in with, read, commented on, shared and supported #WednesdayWords since it began.

I am however, going to be launching a new, entirely different (and very fun) linky, very soon. Watch this space!

(And here’s hoping you’ll all buy my book when it’s launched!)

  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    That’s a shame as I always enjoyed reading your words, but it’s always good to know when is the right time to change. Good luck with the book and look forward to finding out more about your new blog and linky.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Elite dancerMy Profile

  2. Spencer Broadley says:

    I will miss Wednesday Words, but can understand why. You a very busy mummy!!!!
    All the best with getting your book published – I’m sure will let us all know on it’s progress and publication occasionally

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