Sometimes I think we just need a bit of time away.

I wasn’t coping very well with my recovery from surgery. Emotionally, being stuck on the sofa doing very little, wasn’t good for me. Physically, being jumped on, kicked, hit and having to lift heavy toddlers (when I’ve been told not to) was also quite damaging. 

I just needed a change of scenery. I needed to get away.

So I did. I went to stay with a very good friend of ours for three days in the Isle of Man.

I missed the girls like crazy, but I knew they were having quality time with Daddy.image

And the scenery… was stunning.image

I am a huge lover of the sea and a great believer that a bit of sea air can do you wonders. I also worship the sun and was very lucky to choose a weekend, where it was warm enough to go out without a jacket and head down to the beach.image image

The ferry took me into Douglas on the East of the Isle of Man. We went to Peel beach on the West of the island, which was really warm and very pretty. We took a drive over Mountain Road (spectacular views) towards Ramsey on the North of the island, although we didn’t end up going there, due to a road closure. And we also walked along by the sea at Port St Mary on the South side of the island.

I have to say, the whole island is such a beautiful place, I felt relaxed and calm just being there.

I have returned home, to my gorgeous girls, feeling restored and ready for action.

Time to jump back on the training for #EmmasArmy against Cancer.


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