Preventing head lice – Once a week, take a peek

June 19, 2014 in Childhood, Health, Parenting by Emma Day

I’m hugely lucky that I have never had head lice and neither have any of my children, but it’s extremely unlikely that that trend is going to last them all the way through school. One day, the inevitable will happen.

Many many children suffer with head lice and because children of school age are often of the cuddly variety and play with each others hair, head lice find it easy to spread.

Hedrin have launched a new campaign called “Once a week, take a peek”, encouraging parents to check their children’s heads for lice with a nit comb, once a week. Catching them early, will slow the spread of lice and be easier to treat.

They’ve launched an awesome new video in the style of a storybook, for children and adults alike, to learn about the importance of checking for lice (and nits). It’s about one louse, getting set for world (head) domination. You can see it here:

It’s certainly something I intend to start doing now, especially having three girls, because if one gets them – the whole family will!

So remember… Once a week, take a peek!

This video was made by Hedrin, who also make treatments for head lice – should you (or your children) be unlucky enough to get them.



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