What would holidays be like if our children chose EVERYTHING that we did?

Pretty crazy I would think. At first anyway. Actually it turns out, that kids want a lot of the same things we do. Whilst as responsible parents we can’t say yes to EVERYTHING, it’s great to allow our children to have an input on what we do on holiday.

So no… my darling cherubs, you’re not staying up past midnight every night, or eating ice cream for every meal, but I will make sure our holidays are always fun!

Parkdean Holidays wanted to know exactly what it is that children want from their holidays, so they asked the kids and then produced a guide, by kids, for kids, on how to have an amazing holiday! It’s called “The UK our way” and features everything from beaches and how to make the best sandcastles, to the tastiest regional Ice cream and Fish and chips.

The interactive guide pairs the best locations for each activity and even features maps and local holiday resorts.

Many of the UK’s top tourist attractions are showcased in this guide, from zoos and theme parks, to tank museums, adventure piers and shops. Crabbing, swimming, bike rides, picnics and taking stunning photos that will capture precious family moments in beautiful locations.

The kids have thought of everything and you can see it all here…

In association with Parkdean Holidays

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