We are hugely looking forward to our first family holiday abroad – our first holiday as a family of five, that is. Bunny has been abroad with us, to France and to Cyprus, but we’ve not been abroad since having the twins. This time we are going to Italy. To Lake Garda with Eurocamp and I CANNOT WAIT. After the past few years of hospital trips, Cancer, HELLP Syndrome, health scares, house moves and job changes, we NEED this holiday. 

Bunny in France in September 2009 with her little backpack on.

Bunny in France in September 2009 with her little backpack on.

Italy has always been on my dream destination list and also on my 30 before 30 list. After much deliberation about whether to drive, take a train, or fly, we have decided to fly. 

Yes… We are planning to fly with toddler twins.

Yes… I am crazy!

We have been thinking of ways to make the journey smoother and one of these is to give all of the children their own hand luggage, with things to keep them entertained, for (hopefully) the whole journey. 

Bunny has her own personalised bag with her name on, that we got her for Christmas, that she will use. The twins have never had their own bags before, so we chose these beautiful “Little Lady” mini backpacks from Pink Lining.

Pink Lining Mini Rucksack (54)

The twins love them. At 2 years and 3 months old, the twins have suddenly decided that they want to be big girls, so they copy pretty much anything that Bunny or I do and get really excited about being given anything new or “big”.
Pink Lining Mini Rucksack modelled by twins

So what are we going to pack them, to make the flight as tantrum-free as possible?

Snacks & drinks

– Firstly, to help prevent their little ears from popping on take-off and landing. Chewy sweets for Bunny, and probably biscuits for the twins, as they are a bit young for chewy sweets.

Secondly, because my twins in particular, have bottomless pits for tummy’s and are ALWAYS hungry. So we will buy a few snacks at the airport.

Thirdly, because we were once in the awful situation where we were trapped on an aeroplane (Thomas Cook Airlines) for 8 hours with no food or drink, because there was a problem with the plane and they “weren’t allowed to sell any”! So now I think it’s best to be prepared.

TIP: Don’t forget you can usually only take food and drink purchased AFTER going through security.


Bunny’s comfort toy is a rhinoceros, aptly named “Rhino”. Not to be confused with her half-brother, Rhino.

Fluffy cannot sleep without “Doggy”, the cuddly dalmatian.

Tiny, has never really had any toy attachments or comforters, but recently has discovered that annoying little pink thing that us parents all know too well… Peppa Pig.

Hopefully, these comforters will encourage the children to take a nap on the plane. Although this might just be wishful thinking!

Toys & Books

Finally the kids will need something to do. A book to read for Bunny and books to look at for the twins. Plus a few small toys to keep them occupied.

TIP: I’ve learnt from experience (on days out), that it’s a good idea to make sure all the children have the same number of items in their bag, so that when you come to leave the plane, you can do a quick item count, to make sure nothing gets left behind. 
So that’s the hand luggage sorted… now to make a list of what to pack in our suitcases!

Pink Lining Mini Rucksack detail



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