Coca Cola Life

I have been waiting for the new Coca Cola to come out for ten months now. It’s called Coca Cola Life!

Last October I was sponsored by Coca Cola to attend a UK blogging conference known as BlogFest and whilst there, I went to a breakfast meeting with some of the Coca Cola team. I learnt so much about the science of not just Coca Cola, but all their other brands too (My personal favourite is Fanta). Coca Cola actually have a whole section of their website on the health and science side of their products, such as a caffeine counter, energy balance, hydration, sweetener facts and also their “get active” and community campaigns (You can visit the Coca Cola UK website here).

Whilst we already have Diet Coke and Coke Zero for the calorie counters and those who prefer to avoid sugar completely, I was excited to learn about Coca Cola Life. Coca Cola life is sweetened with only natural sweeteners, it has a third less sugar than Coca Cola, less calories than Coca Cola (only 89 calories per can) and is sweetened by a natural sweetener which is becoming popularly known as Stevia. I’m not a big fan of artificial sweeteners, so I was curious to try this.

The verdict?

It tastes somewhere in the middle between Diet coke and Coca Cola. I definitely prefer the taste of Coca Cola Life to Diet Coke.

I think for me it’s always going to be the original full sugar Coca Cola that floats my boat, but I think it’s great to have a selection and great to have healthier options. I’d probably choose Coca Cola Life over the other Coke brands for Bunny to drink, as it is better for you. I try not to give her Coke Zero or Diet Coke as she is scrawny and needs the calories!

Bunny tested out Coca Cola Life too…

Coca Cola Life review

She loved it!

We even got stopped in the bank, because the cashier wanted to know why I was drinking Coca Cola from a green can.

Coca Cola Life

Please note: I was NOT asked to write this review, but chose to because I like the product.

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