I was lucky to never experience the “terrible two’s” with Bunny. She was an angelic two-year-old. I’m paying for that now she’s seven though and seems to think she is seventeen! The twins however, are another story. They are now two years and four months old (almost) and serious troublemakers.

terrible two's with twins

“Double the trouble and double the love” is most definitely true. The love definitely makes up for it though. One look, and I melt, no matter how naughty they have been. They are still babies to me!


Here are some of the things my adorable but “terrible two” have been getting up to lately…

Filling a bucket with stones and dirt from the garden, then emptying it all over the sofa and the brand new carpet, whilst Mummy makes lunch. Then doing it again, whilst Mummy is washing her hands, having just picked it all up and vacuumed. 

crazywithtwins crazywithtwins

Climbing over the safety gate, to get to the kitchen/bathroom/stairs. Mummy and Daddy spend an extortionate amount of money, which they really don’t have, on taller safety gates (the ones designed for large dogs). Then Fluffy gymnasts herself over those, just as easily.

Randomly sitting on the pavement, when we are walking together. Particularly if we are in a hurry. Then refusing to get up until they are ready. It is worse when they take turns, as this takes even longer.

Squirming out of their harnesses (no matter how tight they are) and standing up in the pushchair, or worse, getting out!

Throwing a car seat tantrum and refusing to sit down, so it takes ten times longer to get in the car. 

Hearing Mummy say “No”, then doing it anyway.

Tipping the contents of their plates, all over the carpet. 

Tipping the contents of their cup or bottle all over the carpet.

Dialling random numbers on any phone they can get hold of.

Saying “Mummy did it” every time they are naughty.

Flinging poo. (I kid you not!).



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