We moved house over the summer. Moving house is not only horrifically stressful, but also very expensive, however we were moving to save money in the long run. Moving made us think a lot more carefully about what we spend money on and different ways in which to save money. It gave us a lot more options on different things too.

Firstly, I was careful not to get too keen on signing new contracts, until I had shopped around for the best deals. The first thing we shopped around for was a home broadband and TV package, because I know from experience that there can be long waits for installation appointments and as I’m a blogger – internet access is very important to me.

We looked around at special offer deals, voucher codes, cashback websites and comparison websites, before we settled on a package. It helps to spend some time comparing broadband online.

The same goes for utilities. The good thing about being in a new house, is that you can change provider and go with whichever company suits. Again, comparison sites are really useful.

I also went bargain hunting and bought the largest pieces of furniture we needed, from either a charity shop or a facebook selling page.

Setting up direct debits, can also often save a lot of money, as does switching to paperless billing with some companies. 

I evaluated our mobile phone contracts and decided to downgrade them, as it seemed we were paying for more than we needer, but I actually ended up getting a cheaper tariff, but more services!

We did all the decorating of our new home ourselves and all the moving ourselves too. We roped in some very lovely friends to help us and paid them for their labour in pizza!

I’m constantly seeking out new ways to save money, but even just these little things are already noticable. It all adds up.

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