What does Thyroid Cancer look like?

Last year I had Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma – a malignant tumour on my thyroid. I was treated with surgery (Hemithyroidectomy followed by a total thyroidectomy) and Radioactive Iodine Treatment (also known as RAI). 

Thyroid Cancer often has few or no symptoms, unless you also have an underlying thyroid disorder, such as an under-active or over-active thyroid.

My tumour was 6cm in size and I had ignored the lump for two years, before I saw a doctor and got my diagnosis. If I had seen a doctor sooner, I might not have need the radioactive iodine treatment, and could have been treated with surgery alone. My only symptoms for the most part of those two years, was a lump. For the last few months, I also developed a hoarse voice and had difficulty swallowing.

I am now doing what I can to raise awareness of Thyroid Cancer and help other people get a speedy diagnosis and treatment.

Here is a short video showing what my tumour looked like, before the surgeons cut it out. Despite the tumour being 6cm in size, you will see in the video, that it was not really visible until I swallowed. I am publishing the video to raise awareness of Thyroid Cancer, in the hope that other people with similar lumps on their neck, will see their doctor before it reaches this size. You can see the tumour twice in this video – once each from two different angles. There is a short delay between the two, as I found it difficult to swallow at the time.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Having a lump similar to this DOES NOT mean you have Cancer. My mother also had a lump the same and hers was NOT Cancerous. The point is… DON’T PANIC, BUT DON’T IGNORE IT. See a doctor and find out.

If you would like to help raise awareness of Thyroid Cancer, feel free to share this video (you can also find it on YouTube) or this blog post.

You can also raise awareness of Thyroid Cancer by taking part in the #Scarfies4Thyca campaign by taking a selfie in a scarf and nominating friends to check their necks and post a scarfie too. You can find out more about the #Scarfies4Thyca campaign by clicking here.



Please note: I am a patient, not a doctor. I cannot give people advice on their own health. Please see your doctor.

  1. Stephs Two Girls says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how well hidden it is when you’re not swallowing. I think we can all be guilty of not finding the time to go for check-ups, and sometimes anxiety gets the better of people too. But it’s great that you can highlight this, and hopefully help other people recognise they need to go to the doctor sooner x
    Stephs Two Girls recently posted..School Reward Systems. Are you a fan?My Profile

  2. Penelope Smith says:

    Thyroid cancer has run in my brother-in-law’s family for a long time. It is good to know that it would be smart for my sister to check her husbands check every now and then for swelling. That does seem like a good thing for them to be aware of.

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