It’s no secret… I HATE the school run.

Firstly – I have to actually get up early and attempt to be organised. Hopefully somewhere in the house is enough clean uniform to complete a full outfit. I have to make a packed lunch before I’ve even had breakfast. If the twins are being awkward, it can take ten minutes, just to get us all in the car. Half an hour sat in traffic (No I can’t walk – it’s miles away). Then there’s a fight to find somewhere to park and the five minute walk to school takes a lot longer at the twins pace. The school run, takes two hours out of my day.

School uniform

If we arrive late, I have to decide whether or not we will make the gate if we run, or whether we should just go straight to reception with our heads hung in shame. And why is it, that once people have dropped their offspring at school, they suddenly lose all coordination and just walk into you, as you’re trying to get past?

There’s the fortune, that the school charge for cooked lunches, school trips, and now increasingly commonly – expenses to pay experts to come in and talk to our children for an hour. Oh and you also have to pay for milk at break time, after school clubs and anything else they can think of to charge you.

There’s that stupid first parents evening and report day, when Bunny has only been in school for five weeks and her teachers haven’t even learnt how to pronounce her name yet, but they want to tell me how she’s doing. 

There’s all that fuss, throughout the summer, about panic buying uniforms. This year, I waited until the night before Bunny was due to go back to school and popped into Asda to buy some bits of school uniform from George clothing. The store was quiet, the uniform fully stocked and I was in and out within about 5 minutes.

I realise that most of my school run gripes, could be resolved by moving Bunny to a closer school, but that’s a big decision to make, and one we are struggling with, as our local schools aren’t as good as the one she is in now. I’m doing my research and will be blogging about it soon!

 What do you hate most about the school run?

  1. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    I can’t tell you how much easier my school run is now that I only have 1 to take! The worst bit is making sure that the girls are up and out of the door by 7.45 – so stressful! The calm bit is once they’ve gone and it’s just me and The Boy. It will get better….it may take a few years though 😉
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