The best Jodhpurs for children

If you were asked to name an item of riding apparel, chances are the first thing that springs to mind are Jodhpurs. Those tight riding britches that offer comfort and flexibility are the staple item in the wardrobe of everyone who is part of the horse riding fraternity. The tightness of them takes some getting used to at first, but once you have worn them a few times they become like an old, comfortable armchair.

Photo: Robinsons Equestrian

Photo: Robinsons Equestrian


Why are they called Jodhpurs?

They were originally a type of trousers that were tight between knee and ankle and flared around the thighs that were traditionally worn at Jodhpury weddings in Northern India. An Indian polo player named Pratap Singh introduced Jodhpurs to Britain when he visited Queen Victoria in 1897 and the name caught on due to their city of origin. The design may have changed over the years, as you will see below, but the name stuck.

Modern Jodhpurs

The Jodhpurs worn today are tight all the way down, and to make them fun to wear for little ones, there is a stunning range of children’s Jodhpurs available. This makes them more appealing to young riders than just a pair of tight white pants and there is great choice for both sexes. Having them dressed in clothes they enjoy wearing can help a child progress much more quickly when it comes to learning to ride.

Great Choice

Robinsons are one of the best known retailers when it comes to everything equestrian related and their range of children’s Jodhpurs is superb. Little girls will love the pink ones covered in flowers, whilst young male riders will look and feel cool in the cowboy style. Whatever their age you will find a pair that they love wearing, and probably won’t want to take off once their lesson is over.

Photo: Robinsons Equestrian

Photo: Robinsons Equestrian

Value For Money

Whilst they are an essential item of riding apparel everyone knows how quickly children grow, so one day they can fit perfectly and the next they seem a little too snug.  With this in mind Robinsons sell their children’s Jodhpurs at very affordable prices so they will not only last them until the next growth spurt, but also won’t cost much to replace. A win win situation as riding is an expensive enough hobby without having to constantly having to fork out for expensive, yet essential, items of clothing.

The Purpose Of Jodhpurs

If you have a budding young equestrian enthusiast and are undecided about whether to fork out for Jodhpurs or just send them in a pair of jeans or old trousers, read this. Spending time in the saddle causes major sweating in the nether regions. With any type of trousers this can cause discomfort and painful chafing. The materials used to create children’s Jodhpurs allow sensitive young skin to breathe, and eliminate these problems. The last thing you want is a young rider to associate this wonderful pastime with pain, so a good pair of Jodhpurs is vital for several reasons.

In Short

Now you know all you need to know about children’s Jodhpurs and why they are so important it’s time to visit the Robinsons  and show your children what they have to choose from. There is everything available on this site you could possibly want from replacement buttons for show riding jackets to top quality horse blankets.

All children love horses, and even if owning your own pony isn’t an option there is nothing to stop them taking riding lessons and helping out at the local stables. Now that you know where to go for the most cost effective quality riding gear they will be in the saddle even quicker.

Photo: Robinsons Equestrian

Photo: Robinsons Equestrian

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