Bunny loves reading. She recently joined the library, completed the summer reading challenge and she reads every single evening before bed. At 7 years old, she is very competent at reading, but she hasn’t always been. When she was 5 years old, she used to get frustrated and cross if she couldn’t read a word. When reading first clicked, she would concentrate on how fast she could read, but wouldn’t actually take in the content that she was reading. If you asked her questions about it afterwards, she wouldn’t know what the story was about. Now, at 7, she will give a long and thorough description of the book she has just read.

If I had known about the LeapReader from LeapFrog, I would have got her that, to help her with her reading. It’s aimed at 4-8 year olds and is definitely on my to-buy list for the twins when they turn four. My twins have had a developmental delay in reaching most of their milestones so far, so I really think a LeapReader will help them catch up as they reach school age. 


The LeapReader helps children to learn to read independently, understand what they are reading, learn phonics and pronunciation and take in the content. It has stories of fiction and non fiction, interactive games and a voice that speaks the words and sounds. Using the LeapReader pen, children can touch the words and pictures to sound them out, or use the pen to keep track of where they are. 

LeapReader have launched eight videos on YouTube of teacher testimonials. All the teachers explain what’s so good about the LeapReader and how it helps school children progress with their reading and writing skills, as well as helping children with learning disabilities and developmental delay.

Here’s one of the videos:


You can find all the other LeapReader teacher testimonial videos by clicking here.

There is a big range of books available for the LeapReader, from Disney stories, princesses and characters to learning about geography, food and science, just to name a few. You can find out more on the LeapFrog website.

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