There’s a blog post I wrote in December 2013, but didn’t publish. A post that explains just why my blog is so important to me. There are a lot of people who read my blog, who have no idea how incredible this community is or how life changing some of the opportunities are. How theraputic writing can be or how passionate I am about writing. Today I read a blog post by a very admirable blogger and entrepreneur, Sally at Who’s The Mummy. She asked, “What’s blogging ever done for us?”

Sometimes I admit, there are times when I get a bit disheartened if my stats plummet or I get a post with only a few comments. I think that happens to us all from time to time, but most of us blog because it is our passion, rather than for the number of readers we please. That is something to hold onto.

This… is what my blog means to me…

This… is what my blog has done for me…


Blogging has changed my life and filled my heart with glee.

It has ignited a passion and motivated ambitions that I couldn’t find within me.

It has been my prayer throughout illness and my friend when I’m alone.

It is my sanctuary, my therapy and a little piece of my soul.

It’s a celebration and a photo album of memories and unforgettable moments.

It is a new faith in humanity and a wider world to explore.

It’s an outlet for creativity and inspiration and a place to inspire too.


It opens your mind in a way that both softens you, and toughens you.

It’s words on a page, journeys, products, brands, handshakes, pictures and faces.

New ways of life and a new appreciation of life.

It’s an olive branch and a weeping willow.

It is collective tears and collective smiles.

A virtual hug.

A firework that sparks a twinkle in my eye.

A fundraiser, a community and an army of supportive parents, incredible writers and loyal readers.

It’s a glimpse of a future full of opportunity.

It’s taught me about the kind of person I want to be.

It’s a little piece of me.

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