How to Make Care For the Elderly Affordable


Getting care for your elderly family member can be costly. It is tempting to try and do as much as you can to save on expenses but when this is at the detriment of your own life then it may be time to consider professional care. There are a variety of options out there for you to choose the best care package for you. Whether that is at home care or making the move to a care home, there are various levels available. As well as these options, it is possible you will be able to get financial as such services are means tested. Here are a few factors to consider when organising care for your elderly family member.


Is a Care Home Necessary?

As well as care homes that can be quite expensive because of the range of the facilities provided it is also possible to organise domestic helpers. This latter options can often be the most attractive to elderly people who do not relish the prospect of leaving their home. Services like Extra Care at Home have different levels of service meaning you are only paying for the elderly care that you need. They will come to the home of your elderly family member to asses which services they need from help with morning and evening routines to shopping trips and help with medication.


Assess Which Services You Need

With this in mind, it is important to assess just how much help your relative needs and try not to pay for unnecessary extras. Equally it is important to get the care which is required for your relative’s needs. For example there are specialist facilities for elderly people who suffer from dementia


NHS Continuing Care Scheme

If your relative fits the specific criteria, then you may be able to get their care paid for by the NHS. If your relative has a ‘primary health need’ and a complex medical condition with substantial ongoing care requirements it is worth looking into this initiative. For more details visit the NHS website.


Get Family and Friends to Help Out

Make sure you have approached all the possible people who may be willing to help out to manage the work load. There could be people you haven’t thought of who would be more than happy to do the odd errand such as picking up medication.



As social care for older people in the UK is means-tested you will have to assess whether you are a care self-funder. Factors such as your wealth (income and assets) and your local authority’s eligibility criteria will play a role in whether you can get subsidies for the care you need or not.



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