Let me tell you… when you go on holiday with toddler twins, it’s easy to end up taking everything but the kitchen sink. Even moreso when they were babies! Holidaying in the UK is becoming more popular for families with young children, due to the fact there is no restriction on luggage and you really can take the kitchen sink if you want to.

I got asked by holidaycottages.co.uk what items can I not bear to leave behind, when holidaying in the UK?”

(I’m afraid that when I started writing this post, I spent a little bit too much time on their website and now I have a head full of dreams, of spending Christmas in a cosy little country cottage somewhere, with an open log fire and sheep in the garden!)

Here are my top five…

1. My camera.



As a family travel blogger, my camera is essential to take EVERYWHERE. In fact, let’s not stop there. When we go on holiday in the UK, we take all our technology! My camera, my laptop, chargers for both and the cable that connects the two. The camcorder, two tablet computers and a variety of mobile phone chargers. Yes, it appears we have become “one of those families” who are technology dependant. Deprive me of WiFi on holiday and I go CRAZY! It’s what I do. It’s my passion and I love it!


2. My car.


(Okay… so the one in the picture isn’t technically mine!)

My car is my wings. It’s my freedom. I love to be able to go where I want, when I want, especially on holiday, when there are always places to go, sights to see and new things to try. We learnt the hard way in Italy, that twin toddlers do NOT appreciate coach trips. Or train trips. Or aeroplanes. It is so much easier if they can sit in their own car seats and have a little rave in the back seats to the radio.


3. My onesie.



British weather is renowned for being unpredictable and quite frankly rubbish. I HATE being cold. I am only happy when I am warm, so my onesie is like my best friend. It’s nice to put on first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening or any time I feel cold.


4. Tea.

The Claremont Hotel (41)


I am 28 years young, but I like my cup of good old fashioned English breakfast tea like an old lady. I have become a bit of a tea addict. On holiday I have to have a nice cup of tea in the morning when I wake up, when I’m getting ready to go out, after a shower, and before I go to bed. It relaxes me and it warms me up.


5. My window cleaner.



Yep, you heard me. Because you see my window cleaner is actually… Jonny! And he does not stop at cleaning windows. He enjoys cooking and I think he secretly enjoys cleaning too. Whenever our apartment gets messy, he will tidy it up. If we don’t feel like eating out, he will cook us a nice homemade meal. He takes care of us all on holiday and I’m not sure what we’d do without him!

So there you go. My top five things I cannot go on a British holiday without! What items do you consider your “must-have” items when holidaying in the UK?


This is my entry into the holidaycottages.co.uk must-haves competition


  1. Rachel says:

    I found myself nodding along to all of this! Except replace tea with proper coffee. When we went to Devon over the weekend I almost took my espresso machine but then found out there was one where we were staying! x
    Rachel recently posted..First Day at SchoolMy Profile

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