This is my guide to this years top Christmas stocking fillers for girls. All of these products are under £10 each and will be in my 7 year old daughter’s Christmas stocking. Most products are suitable for children aged 3+ and some are also suitable for boys too. 


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FIMO Kids Play Set

FIMO Kids Play Set from Craft Merrily

FIMO is a polymer modelling clay which children can mould into different animals or shapes. When they are happy with what they have created, they have the option to bake it in the oven, to set it, so they can keep it forever. I know my daughter loves to create things with modelling clay and often gets grumpy if her sisters squish what she’s made or if the clay dries out and falls apart. So she is going to love FIMO as she’ll be able to keep what she creates. These playsets are available for £8.95 each and there’s a whole range of FIMO available to buy on the fab craft website CRAFT MERRILY.
Robo Magical Mermaids

Zuru Robo Magical Mermaids from Tobar

These mermaids swim when they get wet! Their tails swish from side to side and you can decide whether you want her to swim on her front or back, by moving a weighted band. These 25cm mermaids sell at £7.99, come with batteries and are suitable for age 3+. There are three mermaids to choose from and each one has a different hair colour and tail design. My daughter loves anything to do with Mermaids, so I know she will love these. You can see more about these magical mermaids on the Tobar website or you can buy them from Argos, Amazon or Smyths toy stores.

Lalaloopsy Tinies
Lalaloopsy Tinies.

These are miniature versions of the Lalaloopsy dolls, suitable for Age 4+. They come in packs of three and there are over a hundred to collect. You can also buy little playsets to go with them. Bunny always wanted some Lalaloopsy dolls, but her Christmas wishlist is so big, she can’t have everything. The Lalaloopsy Tinies make the perfect stocking filler at only £3.50 for a pack of three and mean she can still have some Lalaloopsy in her life. You can buy Lalaloopsy Tinies online at The Toy Shop.


Denim Shoulder Bag KitsDenim Shoulder Bag Kits from Baker Ross.

Bunny loves anything to do with crafts, but particularly if the end product is functional and girly. These kits allow children to customise little handbags with stickers, beads and other little decorations. The kits are bought as a pack of three, so could be split between three children  to give them one each, or you can give all three to one child and challenge them to see how different they make the three bags. You can buy a three pack from Baker Ross for £5.25 making each kit a massive bargain at only £1.75 each.


Rant and Rave Books
From You to Me – Rant and Rave Journal.

This creative Journal gives children the opportunity to rant on one side of the book and rave on the other side of the book. Different journals are available; Bunny is going to be testing out the School journal and we have a Holiday Journal to give away in the prize bundle. These make great records for both adults and children to look back on, but they also give your child a space to vent and the grown ups a way to learn more about what makes your child tick. You can order rant and rave journals online at From You To Me for £9.99.

Although it’s not in the stocking filler price bracket, From You to Me are also putting one of their Christmas Journal’s into the giveaway!


A framed photo from Frame Again.

These fab funky and colourful photo frames are not only customisable, but they can be linked together with magnets. These are on the higher end of the stocking filler budget at £9.99 each, but they are well worth it. This is a forever present, that your child can treasure. Children love having pictures of their own. My own daughter Bunny will absolutely love this. We are having a photo of the whole family framed for her. She will love the bold colours and chunky design too. 


Lego Mixels

Lego Mixels

Lego Mixels are quite simply awesome! Each packet costs only £3.00 and contains the Lego pieces to make one Mixel creature. But if you buy all three sets of Mixels, you can MIX them together to make a bigger Mixel. How cool is that?! There are 9 Mixels to collect in series 3 – or you could win them all in the giveaway! Bunny loves Lego and I think she will love the versatility of mixing the packets to make the combo creature. You can find out more about Lego Mixels by visiting the Lego Mixels website.

Lego Minifigures pic

Lego Minifigures

There are 16 Lego Minifigures in series 12. These include everything from princesses to pizza delivery men. I think these are fab as they inspire children to build new things with Lego to go with their minifigures. They inspire creativity and each one is only £2.49 so they make perfect stocking fillers. My daughter will love adding these to her “big girl Lego collection” (as opposed to the Lego Duplo that her sisters play with). Minifigures come blind bagged, so children have the added surprise of not knowing which one they will get. The giveaway winner will receive 16 minifigures. Find out more about Lego Minifigures here.


The Gruffalo Hat Gloves and Scarf set from Briers

Briers actually have quite a few items in their adorable Gruffalo range which would make great stocking fillers, including an umbrella and a variety of gardening tools. Into the giveaway, we are putting this gorgeous hat, gloves and scarf set, which retails at £9.99. It’s really soft, warm and cosy and if they did an adult version… I’d want it! You can see more of the Gruffalo range from Briers here.


Playmobil Figures series 7

PLAYMOBIL Fi?ures Series 7

The popular PLAYMOBIL Fi?ures have now launched series 7 of their characters. These range from scuba divers to chefs and videographers. These figures will provide a great deal of inspiration for creative and imaginitive play. These will form the start of Bunny’s PLAYMOBIL collection, but one I’m sure she will want to grow. They make an ideal stocking filler as they cost only £1.99 per figure. You could even do a whole stocking just full of PLAYMOBIL!  (giveaway prize is one PLAYMOBIL fi?ure series 7). You can find out more about Fi?ures Series 7 on the PLAYMOBIL website.
Topps Disney Frozen Activity Cards

Topps Disney Frozen Activity Cards

The Disney Frozen obsession rife in Primary schools across the globe is far from over and my daughter is no exception to the list of fans. Topps cards have created Disney Frozen collector cards and matching Frozen tins to store them in. Bunny will be over the moon when she finds the starter pack and tin in her Christmas stocking and no doubt, this will be the latest playground fad! Both the starter pack (£4.99) and the tin (£5.99) are in the giveaway. You can buy these from most newsagents and supermarkets or from Topps Direct. You can also buy single packs of cards for £1 each.


Foxes Fairytales

Fox’s Party Fairytales

Fans of Fox’s party rings, will LOVE these. They are like party rings without the holes (so you get more biscuit for your money) but they have actually updated the ingredients to make them suitable for vegetarians. Fox’s Party Fairytales have fairytale pictures stamped into them, these include a prince, princess, castle, tiara, pony and frog. I am not actually sure I can bring myself to put these in Bunny’s stocking because I really really want to eat them! I do think they make a nice change from chocolate though and at £1.15 for 20 biscuits, they are ideal for Christmas stockings.


So there you have it… the Crazy with Twins guide to 2014’s top Christmas stocking fillers for girls!


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