Bunny, is seven years old and for Christmas she wants… everything! No change there then! This child is the perfect target for TV advertisers. I don’t think she has ever seen as advert for anything she didn’t immediately want. She also believes everything she hears on TV ads to be true. Just the other day I got told I should buy the saucepans which were on screen at the time “because they have a non stick easy-to-clean coating mummy, doesn’t that sound good?!”

So what are we actually going to buy her?

Number one on her list is an Orbeez Foot Spa…

Orbeez foot spa

Great… I just can’t wait to spend all of Christmas week frantically picking those beads up off the floor in fear of the twins eating them!

She also wants some of the singing birds from Little Live Pets. Apparently they all sing to each other and the more you have, the more they sing! Ah don’t we parents just LOVE the noisy toys?!

Little Live Pets

She also wants a frozen bedroom!

And of course we have gotten her all of the items on my list of top Christmas stocking fillers for girls.

So what do my two year old twins want for Christmas?

Easy… anything as long as it has a picture of Peppa Pig on it! They are Peppa Pig Fanatics. We just recently got them a new bed, so we are getting them Peppa Pig bedding and Peppa Pig Curtains. Plus Peppa Pig Pyjamas and anything else we can find with Peppa Pig on!

Peppa Pig Duvet

We are also getting the Puky Balance bikes as their main present, as I won one last year, so we only need to buy one more.

Balance bike

As for Jonny and me… Jonny can’t think of anything he wants and I only wants a Go Pro Hero 4 Black… which is never going to happen because we just don’t have that kind of money!

Go Pro Hero 4 Black

I just found out about the Toy Monitor from My Voucher codes, which will hopefully save me lots of money on buying presents, because it shows some of the cheapest places to buy toys.

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