moving toddlers to a big bed
I seem to be seeing a lot of questions on twin parent forums lately, about “when is the right time to move toddler twins to a big bed?” and “what type of bed” to move them to. Well of course the answer is different for every family, the same as it is for when you should take the sides off the cot.

We took the sides off the twins cots, once they learnt to climb out, because we were worried about them falling. This was the same for Bunny, although she did it a lot sooner than the twins. Bunny was in a cotbed without the sides, from 14 months. We only took the sides off the twins cots, when they were around two years old.

Since moving house, every bedtime, Tiny and Fluffy have been pushing their beds together. They cuddle up together and once they are asleep, they kick the mattresses apart and end up sleeping on the slats. This is obviously not practical and not comfortable, so we decided to do away with the cotbeds and move them to a big bed.

ONE big bed. They are so close and they like to sleep together, even during nap time. If that’s how they are happiest and how they sleep best, I see no need to separate them. I think the bond between twins is incredible and I’m happy to nurture that. So, instead of investing in two single adult beds, we bought one small double bed instead. What would be the point in buying two beds, if they are only going to sleep in one?!

We made sure we chose a bed with soft padded edges, corners and headboard, as Tiny is quite accident prone and we were worried about them hurting themselves if they fall out of bed. We then bought two bed rails, which we had to slightly adapt as the measurements on the Argos website were inaccurate, but we made it work.

Big bed (5)

So how did the twins react?

They LOVE their new bed. Their whole bedtime routine has improved entirely. They enjoy getting into bed, they enjoy having a duvet instead of a Grobag and I love that I can get in to have snuggles with them and read them a story. Now when I switch the light off and close the door, they go to sleep, instead of running up and down the stairs causing chaos!

Big bed (8)

All we are waiting for now, is the Peppa Pig bedding and curtains to arrive!


  1. leigh boyle says:

    Love it! My girls (irish twins 11 months apart) also share a double bed as we’d go in on a night and they’d be together they’ve slept 100% better since getting the double. We’ve used a single quilt and turned it long ways as didn’t want a big double one because they move so much didn’t want them getting lost haha x

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