I recently had the unfortunate luck of discovering I had grade CIN3 abnormal cells on my cervix. This in conjunction with testing positive for high risk Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) meant I had a high risk of those abnormal cells turning cancerous. It was therefore important the abnormal cells were removed and this was done through a large loop diathermy during a colposcopy, you can read more about that here

I had the procedure done towards the end of October. It had to be done twice as there were more abnormal cells than first thought. I must admit, seeing your cervix on a 28 inch tv is actually quite fascinating, and the procedure was relatively painless, but I was in a fair bit of pain afterwards.

As with all surgical procedures, no matter how minor, there is always a very small risk of infection afterwards. This is me, we are talking about, the girl with the absolutely dire immune system, so obviously I was in that minority and developed a “pelvic infection”, which I am still suffering with and trying to fight now, six weeks on! Any festive drinks I may have been considering, have now been replaced with 14-16 pills a day to swallow instead!

ANYWAY… Let’s get to the point…

I have now been told the results of my procedure…

  • All the CIN3 abnormal cells have been successfully removed
  • They were caught early enough that they did not have time to turn cancerous
  • My cervix has healed well (despite the infection)
  • I am now completely clear of the HPV virus

So all round good news and a huge relief for my family, who have already witnessed me endure so much and had their lives affected by it.

I am still Cancer free!

I will hopefully soon be back to my normal self.

Moral of the story to all women out there…


  1. justine meyer says:

    So pleased for your results, well done. I had exactly the same and the same treatment when I was 20 which was 26 years ago and always have yearly smear tests to check.

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