May 14th - My beautiful twins were born at 6:22am & 6:57am

May 14th – My beautiful twins were born at 6:22am & 6:57am

I recently put a poll on my blog, asking my readers to guess whether they think our twin daughters are identical (monozygotic), non-identical (dizygotic) or semi-identical. You can read that post by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone who took part, it was great fun, seeing other peoples guesses.

The results of the reader poll are here:


And we now have, the results of the DNA test.


The doctors and midwives told us the twins are non-identical.

People we know, seem to think they are identical.

We think they are non-identical.

67% of the readers answering the poll say they think our girls are identical.

Internet research showed us that although they were born with a sac and a placenta each, there’s still a 30% chance of them being identical. 

DNA Solutions are the people with the answer.

I’d firstly like to just say how brilliant DNA Solutions were. They aim to provide test results within three weeks, but we got our in less than two! Just 12 days after posting our cheek swabs, I have the email which answers the question we have been BOMBARDED with by every man and his dog, for the last two and a half years!

No more answering “I don’t know”, followed by a lengthy explanation, to all who question our girls zygosity.


Drum roll please…









Well, I wasn’t expecting that!


Advice for other parents, who are unsure of their twins zygosity

To any twin parents reading this, who are thinking about getting the test done too (I know there are a lot of you), I highly recommend DNA Solutions (UK). They currently charge £99 for the straightforward ID / Non ID test or £189 for the full test, which includes testing for the ultra rare semi-identical twins – this is the test we had done. For the semi ID test, both parents will need to do swabs too.


DNA Solutions send you the pack, you do a cheek swab on each child for 30 seconds, seal it in the little envelopes provided and post it back with payment. Results then get sent to you by email (or post if you choose this option).

If you want to, you can even buy artwork made out of your children’s DNA profiles!



Mum of Three World
Ethans Escapades
  1. Sharon Powell says:

    Yay you can finally say when people ask now. They do like identical and I think it will be lovely to tell them both when they are a little older x

  2. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Wow! I bet it’s really good to finally have the answer and to be able to answer those questions confidently.
    Because you always felt they were non-identical, I guess I always expected them to be non-identical. I know there are differences between them, but you also know that I can’t tell who’s who if they’re wearing a hood or a hat! So now I don’t feel so bad at being unable to tell them apart!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Guide to being a ballet mumMy Profile

  3. Vicky Robinson says:

    I guessed identical twins! It must be fab to know and nice to be able to tell the girls too!
    My best friend in school was one of twins and her mother was also told that her twins were non-id by midwives due to 2 sacs & placentas, but they were always so hard to tell apart that I’ve always thought that they were identical. I’ve lost touch a bit now, but if I was still close then I would suggest this to her as they always wondered about it. Anyway congrats on finding out!

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