It’s no secret, I like the occasional gamble. I am a responsible grown woman, so I don’t ever gamble much, but it does get my adrenaline flowing when I do.

I spent the majority of my twin pregnancy in the local bingo hall, partly because I was bored and partly because I loved that buzz of only having one number left. I did win a few times too, which is always a bonus. The most I ever won in one session was £100, which I was obviously thrilled about. 

I like poker. In fact poker got in the way of writing my university dissertation quite a lot, because I found it really addictive. I really want to go and play a proper game of poker one day, rather than just a friendly game at home.

Slot machines… I grew up on these. Every weekend, my parents and I used to go to Weymouth and spend at least two hours in the arcades. By time I was ten I was a pro at the teddy grabber machines and the 2p machines. My dad played the fruit machines and although I rarely have the money to play them nowadays, they are good fun.

Horses. I love having a little flutter on a Saturday and I love going to the races on New Years Day. I also used to absolutely love working at the races during the gold cup festival!

Growing up, Christmas was all about the evening card games. We’d have the whole family sat together, piling up the coins on the dining table and it was one of my favourite parts about Christmas. We don’t have big family Christmases anymore so I miss that!

The lottery however, I don’t really bother with and this infographic from Paddy Power reinforces why I very rarely play the lotto… You are 167 times more likely to be struck by lightening than win the lottery! I also love this infographic because it busts a few gambling myths and gives a few tips.

If you want to give online bingo a go, then click here.

Paddy Power infographic

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