Keeping costs down with twins

Sometimes it can be hard enough getting by with just one new arrival in the family, but what happens if you have twins?

In 2004, the Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society discovered that the average cost of raising a single child works out at around £800 per month. And as TwinsUK show, the average cost of raising twins ends up being around 50% higher resulting in a whopping £1200 per month!

And this figure is increased dramatically when it comes around to birthdays and Christmases. So here we’re going to list a few of the ways that you can try and bring these costs down if you’re lucky enough to have twins!



Baby Food Shelves at Kroger

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You may initially think that food bills will double, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There are many ways to give your new arrivals all the nourishment they need by planning ahead and taking advantage of any supermarket offers by buying in bulk. As Prue Leith shows, you can feed a family of four on as little as £50 per week with just a little bit of planning. And what’s best is that you can keep any leftovers for a hearty and nutritious lunch the next day!



 And the same goes for clothing. What can initially be a daunting prospect of clothing your twins, can turn out to be a fun challenge. A bit of internet research will reveal a host of retailers that cater especially towards twins with a range of clothes that not only works out cheaper than buying two individual sets of clothing, but actually turns out to be fiendishly cute!





And then there is the conundrum of what to do about Christmas! You’ll want to give your twins something that they can both enjoy, but also something that they can play with individually.


So for younger twins, why not give them a matching pair of cuddly toys that they can cherish and share their childhoods with. And then for the slightly older set of twins, you’ll want to help them develop their own separate sense of identity whilst encouraging them to get along. And what could be better for this than a bunk bed that will make bedtime a much more enjoyable, and hopefully relaxing experience!


So if you find yourself expecting twins, or already have them, then fret not! There is a whole world of twin-specific help out there that’ll keep your costs down, and more importantly, help you appreciate double the love from your twins!


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