For those of you who don’t already know… I have a brand new family travel blog!

It’s called South West Reviews, because I have always lived in the South West of England. There will be backyard blog posts, based in the South West of England, but there will also be many reviews of national and international destinations, as well as travel providers.

South West Reviews

I am reviewing everything from restaurants, hotels and airlines, to family days out, tourist attractions, short breaks and long holidays.


Well… My degree was in hospitality management, but my four year course cross linked with the leisure, tourism and events management programmes too. These are the industries that have always fascinated me, and even my dissertation focussed on quality ratings and reviews in the hospitality industry. So as well as thoroughly enjoying all the travel and days out blog posts I have written on Crazy with Twins, I have a vested interest in the field. It’s also the field I have chosen to work in for the past ten years. I have worked in bars, pubs, nightclubs, hotels and guest houses, restaurants, racecourses, event stewarding and even done some stage management. I LOVE this industry and I’ve done everything from cleaning toilets to being the Manager. 

This love of the industry, has also made me very analytical about all the places I visit, as I look at them from a customer perspective and a management perspective at the same time. This lead me to my recent venture of becoming a hospitality consultant. I visit venues as a mystery shopper and then write a full and comprehensive report about the venue’s strengths and weaknesses and how I feel they could improve. I tell them how the venue appears from a customer perspective and how I see it from a management perspective. 

This venture got me wondering… why don’t I separate my hospitality, tourism and event reviews, from my parenting and lifestyle posts, by starting a brand new blog. 

…And that my friends, is exactly what I have done!

Please pop over to my new family travel blog, South West Reviews and show it some love?! You can subscribe by email for free (just like you can on this blog too)!

There is also currently the chance to WIN a fabulous Madrid+ hand luggage bag from Cabin Max Luggage.

If you are a BLOGGER, I would also love it if you joined in with my brand new linky, starting over on South West Reviews, called #CheckOutThatView. You are invited to blog a photo of a pretty view and link up. If you already join in with other photo linkies (with or without words) and are blogging a scenic picture, then you are still more than welcome to join in with #CheckOutThatView too!

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