I have spent this weekend celebrating the fact that I have now been CANCER FREE FOR 1 YEAR!

I didn’t just want to say it in a blog post though. Many of you know all the ins and outs of my thyroid cancer treatment, but I haven’t blogged much about when I had Leukaemia. 

I have found great fulfillment in raising awareness of cancer issues and fundraising for cancer research and I wanted to make a video that would similtaneously give a very brief snapshot of my story, raise awareness and hopefully inspire people to do the things that can make a difference.

I wanted more pictures and some videos within this video. I wanted to put more detail in it. I wanted it to be well-edited, inspiring and moving. But you know what? I am happy with it, as it is. On Thursday night, my twins broke my laptop. Completely. I had to make this video with no access to my photos or videos. I had very little time and practically non existant resources, but I was determined to make this video, no matter what. So I did. I therefore make no apologies for the total technical ineptitude of this video. 

It says what I need it to say.

It’s my celebration of life.

So I hope you find it inspiring, or moving, or  interesting, or that you at least get something out of watching it.

I would like to give massive thanks to the INCREDIBLE Jacob Wellfair and Emi McDade for letting me use their music on the video. They have such beautiful voices and I highly recommend you all go and subscribe to their YouTube channels, because one day, these two are going to be HUGE!

Jacob Wellfair on YouTube
Emi McDade on YouTube

Thank you also to EVERYONE who got involved in #EmmasArmy against Cancer, whether by tweeting, sponsoring, fundraising, blogging or walking. Thank you also to everyone on the Leukemia survivors group on Facebook for inspiring me to share a bit more of my story and to celebrate this milestone and make this video.
There is still time to add to the #EmmasArmy against Cancer fundraising total. So if you can spare a pound or two, or the cost of a mince pie… please pop over. Every penny goes to Cancer Research UK. These people save lives everyday. Lives like mine. Survival rates for Leukaemia have increased by 15% since I had it. This is due to research. I survived due to research. And if we keep funding research, there might one day be a cure.

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